Zcash cryptocurrency Part 4

How to buy or exchange digital money

Cryptocurrency can be purchased at exchanges or at service exchanges. Most often they use the BestChange website for this, which contains proven and reliable services that allow you to exchange any digital money for fiat.

The procedure is simple and can be carried out in automatic or manual modes:

  • go to the site;
  • indicate the payment system and currency;
  • from the list, select the exchange office that offers the most favorable price;
  • make a transaction.

Keep in mind that when switching to the websites of exchangers, Zcash courses can be more profitable than with a simple visit to exchangers. In order not to make a mistake during the exchange, it is always useful to use a calculator, as well as familiarize yourself with exchange rates statistics and the status of the reserve funds. If none of the proposed options is suitable, it is worth making a double exchange.

You can buy/exchange Zcash at exchange trading. First, you need to register an account on the Kraken website, then you need to go through verification and receive a confirmation by e-mail.

Next, go to the “Trade” tab, find the right pair of money, in the “New order” subtitle, select how many ZEC you are going to buy, and click on “Buy”. Next, check the data and, if you are convinced that there are no errors, click the “Submit Order” button. Purchase completed. To control the safety and movement of money, transfer them to your wallet.

There are other forms. A crypt can be purchased using the services of instant exchange points, for examples, such as Shapeshift or Changelly. You will have to pay more commission, but there is no verification.

How to earn Zcash

The main way to earn Zcash is mining. There are two varieties of it, but you definitely need a video card, software, an electronic wallet, a connection to the pool.

  1. Using miner programs – Claymore’s Miner, EWBF Miner, – especially improved for Nvidia cud-kernels and providing the highest possible performance. In just 20 minutes, the miner is downloaded, installed and configured. But powerful equipment is needed: Windows 64 bit or higher, or Linux, CPU I core-7 or 6-8 core AMD, top-end graphics cards with 2Gb memory.
  2. Cloud mining. Its essence is the conclusion of an annual contract, the cost of which depends on the capacity of the equipment used for production. The Internet network offers a large number of quite useful contracts. Sometimes you can find a proposal for substantial discounts and even free mining at the initial stage of work.

When deciding to earn zikesh, you should first calculate the relevance of mining. Go to whattomine.com, select the model of your computer’s graphics card, the page will display information about hashing and profitability. Selecting various video cards with the help of a calculator, determine which modification provides the most favorable combination of price, performance, electricity consumption.

Currently, Zcash mining is more or less profitable, and you can invest in this cryptocurrency without undue concern. But few decide to make long-term forecasts.

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