OmiseGo cryptocurrency Part 2

Omise Go Wallet

The virtual wallet SDK type is the main difference between the OmiseGo platform. Fast promotion and new unique opportunities in the market are provided thanks to a revolutionary breakthrough: guaranteed provision of full customer support, a confident start, and consolidation of market positions in this financial direction.

The “White Label” function of the new electronic wallet allows you to use it in all financial fields. The advantages of free trade through any currencies are emphasized.

OmiseGo wallet provides quick and convenient access to the Omise gateway. The client can use a virtual and credit card (MasterCard, Visa, etc.). The owner of the SDK-settlement system easily adapts and stylizes the “purse” directly for himself and his business. Free mass of original and high-quality applications, as well as the ability to create a unique design.

A distinctive feature of the SDK system is the open transaction type protocol. This feature makes exchanging between different wallets easier. In addition to these privileges, the effective use of mobile communications is added.

The client is guaranteed to receive the maximum benefit in conducting financial transactions of any complexity due to the flexibility and unique perfection of OmiseGo’s wallet.

The main task of the developers of the OmiseGo project is to create optimal conditions for the financial participation of the parties with a complete revolution in the approach to the work of modern business structures.

Mining OmiseGO

OMG cryptocurrency was released once and was initially redistributed:

  • implementation through ICO (65.1% July 2017);
  • company employees distributed among themselves 9.9%
  • Airdrop transmission (5%);
  • reserve (20%). Of these, 5% were used for advertising (September 4, 2017).

The main difference between OmiseGO tokens from Bitcoin is that it is not a cryptocurrency, but virtual stocks. In accordance with the plans, profit will be redistributed between the owners and completely excludes OmiseGO mining. The main task is to dividends and plays at exchange rates. It is impossible to earn OmiseGo, in the classic sense of cryptocurrency mining.

The OMG project will fully satisfy customer requests based on such criteria.

  1. Reduction of commission fees from owners of foreign currency accounts, which, in turn, will significantly improve the current financial structures, eliminating exorbitant commissions.
  2. To accelerate the process of currency exchange within the system, with the obligatory reduction of commission fees. Due to the high speed of operations, it will be possible to fix the initial course. Course jumps will be virtually imperceptible.

There is very little time left before the start of the project. The release of OmiseGO tokens (OMG tokens) was the beginning. The owners of these coins, controlling payments, are guaranteed to receive a bonus profit such as a PoS network.

At the same time, OMG tokens are the main domestic currency of this network. At the initial stage, the planned course: 1 OMG = $ 0.00149015.

OmiseGo bonuses and prospects

Before the introduction of OMG cryptocurrency on the financial platforms, there was not yet such a universal approach to solving the problem of exchanging fiat for forks and vice versa.

The creators of OmiseGo made this currency available to everyone.

Connecting to the Ethereum network is a prerequisite and the only condition. The technical features and revolutionary views of the creators will allow everyone to gain access to cryptocurrency. In the future, OmiseGo is the millionth increase in the audience of cryptocurrency owners and players on cryptocurrency exchanges. A business of any scale will be able to get rid of paper payments and switch to electronic money. Also, the creators purposefully work towards the absolute improvement of cryptocurrency and increased competition in the cryptocurrency market.

A completely new and up to now unknown approach will open access to all users, which will certainly lead to a revolution in the field of cryptocurrency finance and a decentralized cash system. A vivid reaction to the emergence of innovations in this segment confirms the incredible potential and prospects of OmiseGo.

Innovative tokens in our own blockchain network allow us to make positive predictions about the increase in the cost of OmiseGo cryptocurrency in the very near future.

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