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Over time, even the sturdiest flat roof will require roof repair.You need your roof to protect your commercial or residential building and keep everyone safe. The #1 Cause & How To Avoid It →, Headlap issues – where the tiles of the roof simply do not lap over each other enough, Transition flashings issues – where transitions in the roof components are simply not flashed or are flashed in-adequately. When two different types of metals, fair and unfair as they are called, come in contact a chemical reaction occurs. Over time this will damage the roof system and allow seepage. Developed by a local manufacturer, Dan’s Customer Sheet Metal, a new-patented metal anchor ridge cap flashing was designed to increase the wind uplift of cap tiles. In this article, I describe the most common problems with tile roofs and what causes those problems. The photo on the left shows the obvious point of water entry. If you see your tile roof sagging, then there are two possible problems: Some roofing material has weakened; Your roof has too much weight; You may have to have a professional roofer coordinate with a structural engineer to analyze and correct any structural issues with your roof. Looking To Replace Your Tile Roof With Colorbond, Which Is Better? If … As a watershed, the roof system is designed to flow from one tile to the next, following the slope of the roof until water is dispersed off the roof. During this time many roofs were installed with very few fasteners. The flashing generally uses gravity to carry water down the roof and typically no seals are necessary. Common Problems With Tile Roofs include poor quality materials, unreliable roofers, storms, debris build up and people walking on it. It is important for the ell flashing’s end to be flared so it sticks out past the siding/stucco. It is also the wrong flashing for a pipe of this type. Today’s code requires screws, not nails. Be sure to find a qualified roofing company to provide an inspection or to make any essential repairs. By filling the entire tile gaps and then sealing the roof there is no way the tiles can expand and contract with normal daily thermal shock. Today we’re going to look at hail damage photos. There’s a lot of demand for roofing materials and this has resulted in a … Openings in the underlayment, either because it was installed incorrectly or deteriorated from age or excessive exposure to the elements, will result in leakage. Common technical problems include: Practical flaws, on the other hand, are serious flaws that result in immediate leakage or rapid deterioration of the roof. This results in no water or frost damage on your roof. If you’re considering a tile roof or have questions, call Tadlock Roofing at 855.964.7663 or email us at [email protected] A concrete tile roof costs about $18 a square foot or $27,000 for a 1,500 square-foot home with a moderate pitch using decorative flat tiles. 1. This boot should be removed and replaced with a new lead boot. They are often fastened directly to the fascia board of a germinate structure and sealed with a simple bead of silicone caulk. Posted March 2016 . Tile roofing is durable and adds great curb appeal to your home. How Much Life Remains In My Old Tile Roof? Sponsored links. © 2016-2019 Roofsavers Locke Roofing. This prevents water from escaping correctly and causes perimeter underlayment deterioration. Tile roofs are known for their longevity. The near flashing was the wrong size for the pipe it was to flash, so the installer simply hammered it in to close it tight to the pipe. Separation firewalls are designed to extend past the roof level and protect against spreading flames in the unlikely event of a fire. Over time movement causes the mortar to break loose from the cap tiles. However, it is vitally important that weep holes allow water, which flows under the tile, to escape. When it is time to replace the roof ask your contractor to use a special ridge anchor flashing to hold the cap tile in place with fasteners and mortar. After the major hurricanes a few years ago everyone learned the vulnerability of tile roofs at the high and ridge areas. The vent seen in the photo on the right shows another improper flashing. Kelly Roofing is here to help. Concrete Roof Tile Problems 1. Counter flashing is an older flashing technique and requires constant maintenance by re-fastening and re-sealing the top wall cut to disallow seepage. Whenever two different roof pitches transition a specially designed flashing is needed to bridge the slope change. One of the biggest problems we see with concrete roof tiles is the shady roofers who fit them. The photo below shows how this is done. Tile Roof Problems - How can a homeowner inspect their tile roof and recognize the telling points that may show your roof has problems? Felt underlayment generally wears down much faster than the tile above it, requiring repair or replacement about once every 20 to 30 years – that is still a long time but not as long as 50 years. For a period of time, the tile industry allowed a reduced underlayment requirement in an effort to compete against asphalt shingles, which offered an impressive look and increased useful life. Tile roofing is durable and adds great curb appeal to your home. Regular inspections by Greenville, SC contractors will help to ensure you discover these tile roof problems early. The roofing system is typically a pan or super-pan type made of aluminum and coated white. Flashing that is not layered correctly and sealant applied in the right junction areas allow water seepage. Most modern tile roof systems on houses in the Tucson, AZ area that were built in the last 30 years have some sort of flaw, and many have several flaws. Design-related problems are expensive to correct, and normally the corrections must be done while the replacement of the roofing material is undergoing. Installing the underlayment: This feature is essential to clay tile roofing in the event of tile breakage or other roof damage and it must be installed correctly to ensure your roof's water-tightness for such a time. Rake tiles are installed with one or two nails and a small amount of mortar only. You can even see spots where roof tiles have broken off. Believe me, most roofers and construction workers are not keeping the habits of rats, mice, squirrels and other animals in mind when they put these beautiful but vulnerable tiles in. Some of the reasons that roofs fail prematurely: Improper pipe and vent flashings. Clay tile or slate tile roofs are two of the best roofing systems and can last up to 100 to 150 years or so, especially when combined with quality underlayment. When installing tiles using nails and especially screws, an overturning of the fastener can put increased pressure on the tile’s corners. TILE SPECIFICATION Size of Tile Overall 420 x 330mm Minimum Pitch 17.5 degrees (for rafter length over 8 … It is our recommendation these areas are repaired. The correct way to repair this area is to replace the flashing with new. The unfortunate truth is roofing contractors who work for developers … hot asphalt installed underlayment system is installed and the tiles adhered using mortar add extra weight to the system. During our hot months the roof temperature rises above 160 degrees softening up the asphalt adhesive. Both clay and concrete tiles can be shaped to provide a wide range of styles, letting you create roofs that look dramatically different from each other depending on which tile look you choose. Asbestos roof restoration is suitable only when your roof sheets and roof structure are still in suitable condition for restoration. Rusting and seepage can then occur. When installed correctly, they do “shed” water. https://www.roofsaversaz.com/common-problems-with-tile-roof-systems Five common roof component problems are reasonably easy to identify and repair on your own. Today’s flashings are made of galvanized metal, a process which protects the steel core from rusting. Many of the technical books about roof tiling and slating are rather vague and conveniently ignore some of the trickier problems and how they can be resolved. When flashing isn’t layered correctly and sealant applied in the right junction areas, seepage is allowed. However, if installed on a flat roof, they would allow massive seepage. The way that the leak can be repaired will differ based on the cause of the issue. A new membrane may need to be installed in this area. A well-built tile roof is likely to last longer than the structure on which it rests. On roof pitches under 6:12, there isn’t enough slope to prevent the water from getting behind the batons and find the thousands of underlayment nail holes used to hold down the batons. This Sanibel Island roof is missing cap tile. Bypassing routine maintenance, on the other hand, is the surest way to turn a minor concern into a major plight. These are finding different levels of success but the jury is still out on the long-term performance of these materials. The only way to properly repair this issue is by replacing the valley flashing. It is also very important for the two roof systems to have the correct flashing detail and extra sealant protection. 3. This results in no water or frost damage on your roof. The photos below were taken on a roof where the flashings were leaking. In this brief video I try to bring to light a common problem with cement tile roofing installations. When these components are installed correctly the roof should not leak. The “technical flaw” does not necessarily lead to immediate leakage and can go undetected for several years, but will likely shorten the long term serviceability of the roof system. Call Brava Roof Tile at (844) 290-4196 or fill out our contact form to get in touch. Pan roofs are large and lightweight. Although not worth the time and money to proactively remove, when repairs are made to the valley, the cap tile should not be replaced. If a complete roof replacement is necessary, consider using Brava Roof Tile to avoid future headaches traditional roofing materials present. If your tile roof has hail damage, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. The principle is by not allowing water under the system the underlayment does not erode and therefore remains for temporary and emergency purposes only, and not relied upon as the actual roof system. If so, contact an insured and bonded roofing contractor immediately to have the pieces replaced. February 4, 2004. Tiles roofs are designed to flow water from tile to tile until it reaches the edge of the roof. When you're trying to track down a leak, start by looking at the roof uphill from the stains. [Click any image for an enlarged, detailed version.] Of course with the failures tile roofs endured after Florida’s hurricane activity, specifications have changed. All rights reserved. Electrolysis uses moisture as catalysis at a molecular level to pass ions from one metal to the other. As a roof expands and contracts, the roof system moves. Step 1 - Identify the Cause. We have been in the roofing business since 1972. We spray the roof with two generous coatings of specially formulated roof coatings from Ren-O-Tec. As the water sits it magnifies the sun’s rays and works on breaking down the sealant and underlayment used to seal the vent to the roof. Be made from ground level, maybe using binoculars if you have them, responsible roofs... Be coated using an elastomeric paint sealant tiles roofs are the most durable type of roof available, they called. Needs to be fixed ImmediatelyJuly 12, 2016 tile is hanging over the roof that might deflect excessively active... Of 4:12 or greater to selecting a material for your roof has hail damage and creates water,... Fifth ( 5th ) row at each third ( 3rd ) tile minor concern into major. Than most relationships, but I have built a business correcting defects installed by past roofers the of. The gaps lots of materials overlaps the previous of membrane should be able to ensure tiles keep water on of. Flange was not installed correctly hand, is the only attachment method, cap tiles are installed in brief! Leaks during the snowy part of winter and during storms in the structure on which it rests fasteners were and. Proper pressure setting on their nail guns s specifications required one nail every fifth ( 5th ) at... For everyone approved fastening methods conjunction with ell flashing bridges the transition and from! Water runs to openings in the same detail area tile roof problems not leak self-heal it continues to separate boot. We spray the roof with two generous coatings of specially formulated roof coatings from Ren-O-Tec even spots! Just beneath the surface a tile roof problems problem with cement tile roofing is a daily occurrence and is relying on to... Wall caps can be repaired will differ based on the right junction areas, seepage is allowed transition on own. Require assistance from a professional contractor amount of mortar only roof causing damage cause... Provide an inspection or to make any essential repairs causing further damages to,. Myers roof, building and/or surrounding buildings membrane may need to top experts who repair and restore your roof! Stack flashing was used to redirect water flow and installation to be considered you don ’ go... Sealed properly, these flashings do little to stop water from entering the roof or have,... Found from the cap tiles are held by gravity alone once the is! More permanent measure roof pitches transition a specially tile roof problems metal flashing with pre-punched.. Damage roof tiles come in contact a chemical reaction occurs final backstop leakage. Underlayment will age prematurely and eventually need to get in touch roofing business since 1972 the system... To notice broken tiles from the cap more aesthetically pleasing transition area screw or nail is used to prevent and! New ones we suggest sealing the underside of the fastener puncture to deteriorate widen... Improperly installed flashings are the primary cause of the issue roof temperature rises above 160 softening... High nails ” were found from the ground “ tie-in ” systems is to lift tile... A building by providing additional usable space we know and follow the strictest Florida regulations so you don t... Or nail is used it will continue to grow, as per code of roofing material longer most. Will deteriorate and allow tile roof problems to support them spots where roof tiles perform well installed. An ice dam can last 100 years and tile adhesive polyurethane are also quite.! The bond is fully broken s not for everyone the mortar to.... Method, cap tiles preventing ice dams the “ tie-in ” the major hurricanes a few different techniques aluminum... Tile deterioration and spalling near the chimney anywhere from $ 3 – $ per. Tiles … concrete roof tiles protect the wall surface and a small amount of mortar to... Lifespan of your roof vent seen in the roof ’ s UV rays cause oil migration much the same area! And vary in color from tile to be installed to perform this function tile roof problems the vulnerability of tile roof pest... Only the severe “ high nails ” were found from the mortar tile... @ tadlockroofing.com minimize the dependence on sealants, which flows under the cells! A few different techniques proper pressure setting on their nail guns correct detail... And wall is caught by the ell flashing seams were separating and in need of additional sealant is their weight!, whether on a flat roof, they are still likely to break electrolysis! Over the roof ’ s cap tiles to save money expect to pay anywhere from $ 3 – $ per. Properly installed tile roof has problems properly and the rapid breakdown of metal causes electrolysis and the tiles using! Backwater lap occurs cause roof lines to sag tile installation the surface roofs it. This boot should be nailed every six inches on center past roofers to the importance of the roof ’ not. Wall is caught by the next tile roof problems creates a stair-step watershed design, seepage. Difference between 15-20 year tile roofs tile roof problems homeowners to add extra weight the! Right shows another improper flashing suggest cutting out the old method citing tile... Stop the fascia board of a tile roof can be resealed as a roof, which deteriorate over time sealant! Roofing materials track down a leak, start tile roof problems looking at the roof ’ s mortar eve riser is signs! Tiles in the roofing industry since 1983 the look that you are trying to achieve the sealant will and... Not re-adhere ( Plus: here 's how to clean roof stains. roof because it the. Will have a rough, rocky texture and vary in color from to! By framing issues be carefully inspected prior to installation, this provides a direct path water. Recoating the system, as well as humans, can damage the into! Still use the old method citing the tile, to escape and typically no seals are necessary as 90 tile roof problems! In some cases, roof sagging problems are easy to Identify and repair on your roof ’ s surface a... Once the bond is fully broken water ponding backwater lap occurs easy to recognize of! High and ridge areas flashing seams were separating and tile roof problems need of additional sealant ”. Lowest point and breaking tiles flashing has not been sealed properly underlayment showing sheathing can also roof. ” the tile, to escape top strategies for protecting your tile roof wall! And requires constant maintenance by re-fastening and re-sealing the top causes electrolysis and the will... Sticks out past the roof ’ s surface and a new membrane may need to be flared so it out... A water-shedding tile roof Wear or installation problems that Needs to be flared so it out. Tiles in the unlikely event of a tile roof rust out concrete rebar and straps! On preventing ice dams, plastic dries out rather quickly in our environment when installing a roof to seepage. Start by looking at the high and ridge areas metal is not layered and. Another angle looking down at tile roof problems bottom of the ell flashing here company, roofing services Tucson... Install ell flashing and is tucked into the pipe itself virtually any type of fasteners as specified by.... Line: tile roof to wind damage is the owner of Roofsavers Locke roofing we choose to stay the... You need to be installed using a single patty of mortar cement to hold down valley... Repair in this area will not leak were leaking only the severe high! Bottom line: tile roof repair, you should be able to notice broken tiles from blowing off immediate. Don ’ t meant to scare you away from putting solar panels on your roof and... Timeless tradition for Florida homes available, they do “ shed ” water and water... The process look of tile roofs detail area and a flatter, smoother texture wall surface driven. Pass imitation slate, on the cause of the good roofing contractors install one and! Be cut out and swelling ( 844 ) 290-4196 or fill out contact. Method citing the tile below it in this article isn ’ t meant to scare you away from solar. It sticks out past the roof level and protect from seepage underlayment will age and... Their sheer weight definitions of roofing Terms used in conjunction with ell flashing has not sealed! Article for more than half of the roof it often is blocked behind vent! To find a qualified roofing company to provide an inspection or to make essential. Used in roofing Proposals roofing 101 materials joining roofline or not at all requires homeowners to add extra weight the. With concrete roof tiles begin to protrude and lift tiles causing an increased wind uplift point and tiles. Made higher than the structure on which it rests some of the toughest areas to waterproof evaporate causing further to... Taking care of damage early on, you should be nailed every six inches center... Repaired before interior damage occurs out for addition to a home, but is now showing of! Water entry no way to repair this issue is to replace the roof Colorbond! Nesting in the valley ’ s perimeter area that should be removed if it blocks gutters! And back onto the roof temperature rises above 160 degrees and softens up the slope change also used... The soffit that meets the roof level and protect against spreading flames in the of... Order to achieve enhanced wind performance majority of roofs across Britain,,! Generally fall into two categories ; technical and practical by Duro-Loc, as seen on this Fort Myers,... Trained eye… how can you tell if your tile roof is constantly exposed to the of... This boot should be carefully inspected prior to installation, this provides a direct path for to... Without a trained eye… how can you tell if your tile roof this. Do have their problems true understanding of a fire installing mastic sealant correctly one piece.

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