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He introduces Hayley to the Vampires, He warns them about protecting Hayley. Cami is shocked and Marcel tells her to get a new adviser. Cause of death Ehemals wurde Orleans von Niklaus und seinen Geschwistern aufgebaut und zu ihrem Domizil gemacht, bis Mikaels nach New Orleans kam. With the Hollow defeated, he is currently in New York City with Rebekah. Er stellt Marcel vor die Wahl: entweder erweckt er Rebekah wieder und die Beiden dürfen solange Marcel lebt zusammen bleiben, oder er verwandelt ihn in einen Vampir und Rebekah wird weiterhin erdolcht bleiben. Klaus apologizes for Thierry's disloyalty. Sie gelangen in eine Art Parallelwelt, wo sie das blaue Licht von The Hollow begegnen. Beziehungen In Always and Forever, Elijah had been watching Marcel, who had become vampire king of New Orleans in Klaus' absence. It is unknown if he would have been strong enough to pull it out if it had gone into his chest like Mikael or Klaus could. He let them leave and then celebrated the victory with Sofya. She threatened to dagger him with the same cursed stake that had hexed her, but Sofya shot her in the back with arrows. Wütend und traurig zugleich über den Verrat seines besten Freundes lässt Marcel Thierry in seinem Garten bei seinen restlichen Widersachern einmauern. He explained that someone was taking children and one of his primary rules was that kids were off-limits. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Vampire Diaries Marcel animated GIFs to your conversations. In a meeting between Marcel and Klaus, Marcel says that New Orleans is his town, which sets Klaus off. The other two were Tina, Josh's former friend and a werewolf who bit Gia. Marcel can be described as being the life of the party. Marcel, doubtful at first, accepts in the end. He seems bitter and hurt by it. Marcel, who had been on good terms with the deceased husband and wife, went to their home soon after their murder to find their baby daughter still in her crib. Marcel whistles for his boys and then they become surround. Marcel erlaubt, dass die Familie nach New Orleans zurückkehren dürfen, aber nur damit Vincent Hope magisch reinigen kann. Marcel entscheidet sich für die zweite Variante und so verwandelt Klaus diesen. Marcel then decides to declare war on them, take their compound, and force them to run into hiding until Klaus decides to stand trial for his crimes. He says that his friend has been depressed because he can't keep his mind off a girl. He brought him out and then offered Alistair a sword that had been washed in Marcel's venom, poisonous to Klaus. The Vampire Diaries ran for eight seasons (2009-2017) on the CW and introduced the Mikaelsons, the first family of vampires known as the "Originals." They call a meeting for Father Kieran and the other human then they start taking out the humans one by one. Klaus later calls to say he knew Marcel did not bomb the wolves, told him Kieran died, and he had 24 hours to come help Cami and to bury his friend until his exile is re-instated. In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Marcel helps Elijah with Josephine magically make St. James Infirmary a safe house for Hope from Dahlia as Marcel claims it was a neutral ground for witches and vampires in the city decades ago. Marcellus "Marcel" Gerard is a main character on The Originals. Davina attacks him but suddenly starts coughing out dirt, making him even more worried about her. With Davina's death in season three, Marcel declared war on the Mikaelsons and became the Beast of prophecy when Elijah killed him. Elijah arrived, stabbing him in the back with a large piece of wood. The two briefly discussed how an innocent person was once again collateral damage in the chaos that surrounded the Mikaelsons. Bei dem Ritual tötete er sie, Jenna und einen Werwolf namens Jules. Later, as Davina and the Sisters performed the spell, Marcel and Hayley tried to stop them but were tossed aside by magic. He also began to rekindle his romance with Rebekah. Their first recruit was Gia, with whom both men, and especially Marcel, developed a close friendship. However, by the end of the fourth season, Marcel had finally chosen Rebekah over New Orleans, and being Sofya's "second-best", and traveled to New York to begin their relationship anew. In The Axeman's Letter, Marcel was enlisted by Elijah to figure out what Tristan was really doing in New Orleans. His taunts worked and Vincent displayed his power in anger, explaining that he would do as Marcel wished and take the regency but, to Marcel's surprise, Vincent promised him that he wouldn't like what he did with the Regent title. In response to Klaus' question, Marcel takes him up on a balcony and shows him the view of New Orleans. Hearing it was connected to the disappearance of a witch boy, Marcel was unconvinced that it was as serious of an issue as Vincent believed. Marcel later met with a begrudged Aya and reminded her that he had experience running vampire societies and the first thing he did was make sure his followers were loyal. He goes on a rant about how he made him the man he is, but Marcel explains that when Klaus ran away, he took over. Marcel and Rebekah before he is left behind. Family information When he pressed them for information, they were uncooperative as they didn't trust Marcel and didn't see him as a friend. However, Aya showed him The Cursed Stake she had used to take down Rebekah. Not wanting to see Rebekah die, Marcel asked for Vincent's help in coming up with a plan. Aya explained why she recruited Davina; to use a spell to sever the sirelines from the Originals, so their lives were no longer dependent on theirs. In The Map of Moments, he helps Cami not to be possessed by Rebekah. Lucien, however, told Marcel that it wasn't just about de-siring, but also an execution. He tries to get Hayley to leave town as he may have to become the bad guy to get Klaus out of town but she refuses. He bargains that Marcel needs to let the witches bury Jane-Anne and gets her body for the witches to prove his loyalty to them and the agreement he has made with them. Also, he tells Marcel that Klaus has to have a inside man. In The Battle of New Orleans, Marcel is seen interrogating Jackson and Oliver, asking them what Klaus is planning. Da der Junge ein Sklave ist und keinen Namen besitzt gibt Klaus ihm den Namen Marcellus. However, the dinner was revealed to be a test of loyalty as Aya brought out the witch Ariane to divine the Strix members' true intentions. In New Orleans führt er die Gemeinde der Übernatürlichen an. Als Klaus Sophie Deveraux trifft, die Schwester von Jane-Anne, erzählt diese Klaus das sie ihm nichts sagen kann, da sie sonst so wie ihre Schwester enden wird. Elijah then comes in and offers the army vampire fighting lessons. Marcel tells him he can have it all but he will never have loyalty from anyone. Marcel tries to stop her, but gets his neck magically broken. 1 At Lafayette Cemetery, Marcel is leaving Vincent, who he was meant to meet, a voicemail when Elijah arrives and begins to taunt Marcel. Gespielt von Aussehen In returning to New Orleans after a century, Klaus reunites with Marcel who has taken over his previous position as King. She was thankful that she had Marcel in her life, and it is clear that Marcel would do anything for her. Daraufhin sagt sich Marcel von der Mikaelson-Familie ab. Marcel has been able to greatly stagger Klaus with a single punch, knocking him off balance, in another episode he managed to disarm Klaus of Papa Tunde's dagger with only one hand and during the penultimate episode, he went toe-to-toe with Klaus and even if very briefly, dominated the fight before inevitably being defeated by the Original Hybrid. In Girl in New Orleans, Davina asks him for the night out and after reminding her that she's to be up in the attic for her safety, she shows him she can take care of herself by boiling his blood to which he expresses pride in her and tells her she has to be with Cami who's his friend. Drehbuchautor Kevin Williamson war bereits für Filme, wie Scream Schrei!, Ich weiß, was du letzten Sommer getan hast oder Verflucht und die Serie Dawsons Creek verantwortlich. He's not mad at her, Klaus comes in and has a little chat with Davina. Klaus is proud that Marcel finally said something. He was against to have her sacrificed and protected her from anyone that would come near her. Marcel is currently mourning her death. So he can compel him. Später wird gezeigt wie Marcel vor versammelter Mannschaft Jane-Anne Deveraux, eine Hexe aus dem Zirkel, tötet weil sie unerlaubt Magie angewendet hat. Later, Marcel told Josh how he was frustrated by his home being invaded by The Strix but also just as annoyed by Elijah treating him like a child. He told Marcel how he would have to prove his worth if he were to join The Strix, noting that Marcel's daylight ring had gone missing during the party, much to Marcel's surprise. asks Klaus. Now Klaus gets the point and is getting ready to fight. Camille came back into the picture after he avoided pursuing a relationship with her due to Father Kieran telling him to stay away from her. Later, while sparring with Vincent, he chastised him for not being there for Davina to help lead the witches. When they found the Hollow's followers, including Will Kinney, and the missing children, Marcel joined in the attack. When Klaus realized how close Marcel was becoming to The Strix as their new leader, he questioned if Marcel had any other news about them that he wanted to share. Marcel also seems to be understanding as shown in his quickness to forgive Klaus for biting his friend when Klaus gave him the cure and asked for forgiveness. Marcel is stunned by this. During the night, she is with Josh to say farewell as he is planning to leave the city with Aiden, however the two of them come across Aiden's body. Marcel returned to the compound to find Elijah waiting for him. The two entered a duel to determine who got the charter but Marcel took the opportunity to snatch the charter, reminding them that all the rules dictated was that someone had to have the charter at midnight, not the specifics on how they did that. Dennoch hat er gezeigt das er sehr beschützend sein kann, gerade wenn es um Davina geht. Having Klaus prisoner also allowed for Marcel to utilize his blood to cure any werewolf bites his men could suffer, as well just as a trophy. Klaus sah er als Vorbild und hatte eine enge Bindung mit ihm, gerade weil sie beide Bastarde für ihre Väter waren. To punish them, Klaus daggered Rebekah in front of Marcel. Marcel's mother had chosen not to name him until she was sure he would survive the fever but ended up succumbing to it herself before she could choose a name for him. Rebekah is pissed and hurt because he chose Klaus over her again. Marcel fought in WWI and was part of the 369th Regiment, also known as "The Harlem Hell Fighters" or the "Brotherhood of the Damned". However that's put on hold when they learn Mikael has Cami. Rebekah and Marcel have a passionate forbidden love. Vincent, Sofya, Klaus, even Rebekah. Then Klaus, his mouth dripping with blood, tells him that his vampire friend will die before the weekend is over. In Brotherhood of the Damned, Marcel remembers his time in WW1 as he's trapped in The Abattoir. Sie können diese töten, wobei Klaus und Marcel allerdings in einen magischen Feuerkreis geraten. He is then confronted by Hayley for bombing her pack which he denies. He also tells them he isn't going to use the baby's blood for hybrids. Joe Dalton (1918) †mehrere Soldaten (1918) †Thierry Vanchure (1940er) †Max †Diego †viele andere Vampire †Gia (2012) † Klaus says that either he's lost his touch, or maybe Marcel had. Basically it's none of Klaus' business, which obviously Klaus doesn't agree with. He pushed Klaus away and stormed off in a rage. Marcel überlebte Mikaels Massaker an den Vampiren von New Orleans und verschaffte sich eine Führerposition in der Vampirgesellschaft des Französischen Viertels. In the third episode of series three, Marcel confronts Aya, a vampire of over nine hundred years of age and manages to hold his own against her, impressing her. In Savior, Marcel arrived at his bar to find Tristan, who explained his plan to ally himself with Van Nguyen and have him become the new Regent since they still needed one to activate The Serratura. He will also be seen wearing necklaces and scarfs as accessories. Marcel went back to his loft to be alone but was visited by Vincent who showed him he had the serum that had turned Lucien into an unstoppable monster, and offered it to Marcel, so what happened to Camille and Davina wouldn't go unanswered and that the Mikaelsons would finally answer for their crimes. When Marcel says he knows how to deal with Klaus, Elijah comes in to talk to him. Nachdem die Mikaelsons von Mikael aus der Stadt gejagt wurden, herrschte Marcel über das Französische Viertel, er wurde extrem selbstbewusst dennoch aber nicht arrogant, er war ein sehr guter Anführer der meist relativ vernünftig und zugänglich war, obwohl er auch ein wenig stur war. He confronted him but the witch impaled Marcel with a piece of metal, temporarily incapacitating him. Affected by his werewolf bite he sees hallucinations of Joe Dalton. He grudgingly asked for Klaus's advice on how he would handle the situation who told him to appeal to Alistair's vain nature, and through that, he may be able to get him in line. Male Allgemeine Daten Mit Vincents, Elijahs und Freyas Hilfe gelingt es, Davina kurzzeitig zurückzuholen. She even had a tape recorder in her purse to tape their conversations. He asks the daywalker where Marcel is. He tried to convince Vincent to take a stand instead of letting the witches be led by a boy with loyalty to The Strix, essentially handing over nine covens of witches to Tristan. He goaded Elijah into coming inside of the home he was hiding in, only to leave when he did, buying himself enough time until midnight. Marcel considered using her for leverage but having a code of keeping kids out of trouble, took her to his friend Father Keiran instead, to give her a new life out of harm's way. 1835 von Niklaus Mikaelson2014 durch den Unsterblichkeitszauber Marcel was stunned by the news, having loaded the kids into the ambulance himself but Vincent assured him that the ambulance had gone missing too. Later, when they returned the kids to their parents, Hayley discussed Hope with Marcel and how he now ruled the city, expressing her wish that him controlling New Orleans finally brought him peace. To prove his point, he wants the vampires to kill every werewolf in the French Quarter. He unknowingly meets Kol in his host body. He reveals he had Kieran get her out of town as she was an innocent baby, despite how she could have been useful leverage from being the last Labonair. Furious over their part in Davina's failed revival, he hatefully reminded them that he had done everything they asked; even joining The Strix and putting his own life at risk countless times because they needed him to. Annoyed with Marcel's insubordination, she warned him to start making himself essential to the plans she was preparing. They learned more about the auction and Marcel used The Strix's extensive resources and their pledge to fulfill any one command to win the auction. The leader of The Strix, Tristan, interrupted which prompted him and Elijah to have a word alone. Davina arrived and after realizing she was gone, Marcel hugged her, both grieving for Camille. Furthermore, Vincent said that Marcel hadn't even began to use the powers that the Ancestors had granted him through his status. All das, was Klaus schon immer haben wollte. Marcel confronted her on the streets with his allies and Sofya submitted, but refused to give him her employer's name. Rebekah asks where they are putting Klaus and Marcel has him a spot all by himself. Marcel and Josh were later joined by Elijah in leading the new vampire community in the neighborhood of Algiers, and they formed close alliances with both hybrids Klaus and Hayley, but also the Crescent Wolf Clan, bringing peace to the supernatural community at large for the first time in centuries. Stadt der Vampire They decided that they would scare Klaus away using the Originals' father, Mikael, who had been hunting Klaus for nearly a millennium. After transitioning into the Beast, Marcel's attitude become quiet and subdued, whilst being angry and upset, having been betrayed by those he considered his family. Rebekah watches as they all beat and stab Klaus. Add to Watchlist Unwatch. When he refuses to say, Klaus threatens to feed on him. Marcel and Klaus go to take care of a human/newbie vampire problem. He let Alistair try to fight Klaus but in actuality, had planned for Klaus to defeat Alistair. Bedeutende Verwandlungen Marcel goes to talk to Davina who seems upset and is drawing. Für Marcel ist Klaus wie ein Mentor, Vaterersatz und Freund. Serien 24 24: Legacy 30 Rock 4400 - Die Rückkehrer Akte X ... dass Thierry einen anderen von Marcels Vampiren getötet hat. In Save My Soul, Marcel protects Rebekah against witches such as Josephine LaRue when they want her more specifically Eva for the most recent attack on two teenagers that she killed. "I'm immortal. When Tristan ordered The Strix to attack the Originals, Marcel heeded Aya to stand down since they would lose far too many Strix members if they tried. The rest are night-walkers and they like to host a huge party at Marcel's place every night, invite the tourists and feed on them at midnight. Elijah explained his suspicions that Tristan was working with an unknown second party, and wanted Marcel to use his newly acquired Strix membership to help learn the truth. He demands to know why Marcel was having him followed and also wants to know what he's been up to in his, Klaus', town. Later, Marcel is watching as the surviving vampires burn the dead fighters. He takes pride in who he is. Later, Davina learned of the secrets Marcel had been keeping from her and lost her trust in him. After Cami locates the box for the key, he assumes someone got to it as the box is empty. Episodenanzahl (VD) Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series Season Four. Kol listened to Marcel and tried to flee New Orleans, leaving Marcel to explain Kol's departure to a shocked Davina. Marcel got back up and impaled Elijah, seemingly with the cursed stake before saving Hayley from two Strix vampires, confusing her as to whose side he was on. The girl grabs the coin and at first Marcel acts smug, but then snaps the girls neck. Familie Which Marcel agrees to. Bedeutende Tötungen Marcel had grown close to Rebekah over the years, training in the art of fencing with her since he was a boy. Vincent compares Marcel to Klaus in how he now acts. Gia wants to fight to stay in the city and Josh is skeptic on how to beat the werewolf army since they now have the Moonlight Ring. When Marcel revealed the divination card showing his intentions, he was surprised himself to see that it displayed a loyal knight, much to his relief. The mayor steps up as well as the chief of police, they tell them they can co-exist peacefully as long as they listen to the humans. Marcel is torturing Thierry and leaves him to rot in the Garden. He had Vincent come to the bar to prepare to consecrate Davina and brought Kol back to the compound, to ask for the Mikaelsons' help in making sure Davina's resurrection went as planned. In Alone with Everybody, Marcel had The Strix shadow Elijah to protect their sire from the threat of the last remaining white oak and the legion of Mikaelson enemies coming to town. Cami shows Klaus what she's been figuring out on her own and he compels Cami once again to forget about the vampires and she leaves. Klaus comes and gloats a bit, but Marcel turns the tables. The Originals – Das Spin-Off zu The Vampire Diaries. Marcel and Rebekah take Tyler to their dungeon. Nachdem er Davina getötet hat, ruft Kol Marcel herbei. Cami thinks that her feeling for Marcel were compelled as well but Klaus points out that whatever she felt was true, he had nothing to do with that. Er fühlt sich wie ein Rockstar, für den das Leben wie eine Party ist. Awakened, Rebekah asked for Marcel, worried for him and Klaus sadistically revealed that he had given Marcel the choice between a human life with Rebekah or a vampire life that didn't include her. Then he gets a call from Klaus who informs him that Davina has escaped and he goes to him to find out what happened. In the finale, a peace of sorts it settled between them thanks to Marcel saving Klaus' daughter. Klaus is on his own and the battle begins. Dieser kehrt in den magischen Schmelztiegel New Orleans zurück, einer Stadt, die er vor Jahrhunderten mitbegründet hat. Marcellus "Marcel" Gerard ist Klaus' Schützling und ein Vampir, den er damals verwandelt hatte. He took her in as family. Rebekah ended their relationship and continued her own pursuit to defeat Klaus. Hayley tried to convince him to let Klaus go so he could see his daughter, Marcel reminded her that he was raised by Klaus and that it hadn't ended well, so maybe Hope was better off not knowing her father. Marcel promises Hope that he will always be there for her if she needs him and decides to take all of the vampires with him when he leaves New Orleans to leave the city free of their kind for good. However, after seven years together, Rebekah rejects Marcel when he proposed to her because she wants to put her family first. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. Born Er zeigte gegenüber den Hexen eine sehr brutale und absolut gnadenlose Seite. He is also a close friend and confidante of Josh. When Elijah demanded an exchange of Aurora for Hayley and the Serratura, Tristan complied but planned on overwhelming the Mikaelsons by bringing dozens of Strix members down on the Originals so they could seal them away with the Serratura during the exchange. When Klaus asks the boy his name, he tells him that his mother wouldn't give him one until he turned 10 years old out of fear of him dying of fever; but his mother died before she could name him. Geschlecht In 1820, during the Governor's first son Emil's funeral, Klaus sees him being whipped. When Freya's attempt to use a locator spell to find her failed Marcel wanted to go to The Strix for Rebekah's location but Elijah told him to instead focus on preventing Davina from activating Tristan and Lucien's weapon. The Originals focuses on the first family of virtually indestructible vampires, but Marcel Gerard is the strongest vampire on the series. He takes them all out after that. Marcel and Vincent discovered totems used to bind the children to the spell and Vincent was able to stop the spell from harming them. Indeed, one of his weaknesses is that being a recently-introduced character, Marcel knows little about the nature of the Original Vampires, such as Klaus' blood acting as a cure for a werewolf bite and that if one Original Vampire dies, all of their bloodline die too in matter of hours, however, not even the Originals themselves knew of the bloodline problem as it was only revealed with the death of Finn. In An Old Friend Calls, Marcel returned to his loft to find that Josh and many of his other vampires had partied all night celebrating their de-siring from Klaus. Marcel, however, still remains emotional as Klaus' taunts easily provoked Marcel into using Tunde's Dagger on Klaus. Supernatural information When Rebekah tells him that it is hopeless to help Davina and Davina agrees to complete the Harvest. Da The Hollow die beiden mittels Halluzinationen dazu drängen will, sich gegenseitig zu töten, kämpfen die beiden. Back to the Abattoir, Marcel watches as Vincent performs the ritual, to make sure that it works. It is unknown if the serum grants any increase in strength or speed before its host's death but Marcel managed to throw Klaus back and flying through the air with one hand, and whilst throwing an Original or a vampire into the air wouldn't truly be a notable feat for a vampire or any other entity with super-strength, what does make this notable is that Klaus was using his own powers to try and stop Marcel from "taking" the serum. Klaus becomes jealous and releases Kol, who at the time was daggered. Title(s) He was initially made out to be the antagonist and the big bad of the series during the early episodes of the first season before it was revealed that he is actually a caring vampire with no ill intention, who was simply trying to protect Davina Claire, a young witch whose imposing hatred toward her coven served to help enforce his rule in the French Quarter. The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural teen drama television series developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, based on the popular book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith. Appearance Once Klaus admitted defeat and told Marcel the city was no longer theirs and now belonged to him, Marcel agreed to let them live, on the condition that they never return. Regardless, Klaus forgave Marcel for his actions in gratitude for him saving Hope and decided to heal Marcel with his blood. When he was introduced, Marcel was shown to apparently be diabolical and dangerous as well as wicked but has since proven himself to be even more moral than Klaus. Erster Auftritt (VD) Aya explained that The Strix required his help and it would be in a mission that would put his loyalty to the test. After Davina's death, Marcel grows closer to Cami as he tells her of his dark past. Outside of Rousseau's Marcel and Gia spy on Cami's date with Finn to make sure it goes well. Marcel went to the gala where Aya showed him around and introduced him to the possibility of joining their ranks. Outnumbered Mikael fled and he confronts Davina mad that she resurrected him. In The Bloody Crown, Marcel reveals himself to the Mikaelsons as an Upgraded Original Vampire, shocking them all. On how they need her help to bring back Kol. Killed by Klaus, impressed with his defiance, and feeling as though the two were kindred spirits, decided to adopt the boy into his family as his ward. Klaus nahm ihm mit zu sich und zog ihn wie einen Sohn groß. Er ist beliebt und wird von den Vampiren der Stadt als Held gefeiert. Marcel tried to do so but instead found that Alistair was persistent in seeing Klaus, wanting to kill him since he suspected all of the Mikaelsons were magically linked to him, so killing him would kill them all. As Klaus goes to meet Sophie, Jane-Anne's sister, she tells Klaus if she talks, she'll be killed like her sister. Jun 16, 2017 - #TheOriginals 4x11 "A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken" - Rebekah and Marcel. Marcel supposedly studied law in the 1950s. Marcel assured her he was always on her side and had her back but some things weren't worth the price you had to pay to get them. Marcel's reason for hiding Davina was also revealed; to stall the witches until The Harvest was passed and the witches would lose their powers, enabling Davina to live a normal life as she always wanted ever since the Harvest. After Marcel reminded her that he wanted to be unlinked just as much as he did, Aya gave him until midnight and threatened to kill him if he didn't find another solution. Vincent found a loophole in the spell and broke them free, seemingly free of the Hollow. She snaps Tyler's neck, turns out Rebekah doesn't want to hurt the baby, just Klaus. So Klaus better show him some respect. Klaus tells Marcel that Marcel has the love of the people and that he can't win over everyone without Marcel. Schon in seinen Kinderjahren verliebt er sich in Klaus jüngere Schwester Rebekah. Marcel is pissed that he lost more of his friends. He also became more reckless, killing the rest of the Strix, haphazardly leaving their bodies in St. Anne's Church for anyone to find. In A Walk on the Wild Side, Tristan contacted Marcel after sending him a mask and tuxedo, inviting him to gala thrown by The Strix. Marcel had Josh ask Davina for help finding them and they found their bodies, covered in werewolf bites, having been tortured and torn apart near the site of Jackson's death. In Where You Left Your Heart, Tyler is filling the vampires in on Klaus' past of becoming a hybrid. Marcel successfully lures Klaus out of the compound and they fight in the street, despite being weaker than an Original, Marcel initially has the upper hand though is soon overpowered and is bitten by Klaus. After all, a werewolf bite is death to a vampire. Da eines der Totem eine Bürste mit dem Mikaelson "M" ist, erahnen sie, dass Hope das fünfte Kind ist, weshalb Vincent Hayley kontaktiert. - I know it didn't come from nowhere. After he recovers and learns of Esther plan for Cami He along with Kol and Cami convinced Davina that shes the bigger enemy right now than Klaus. Marcel gave the white oak bullet to Elijah but after some debate among Elijah and his newly revived brothers, Kol Mikaelson and Finn Mikaelson, he didn't destroy it, instead opting to keep it save, much to Marcel's chagrin. Status However, years later after their developed relationship and Klaus' interference, given the choice between Rebekah and immortality, he chose immortality over her but still had feelings for her. Dieser erwacht als Biest wieder. He went on to tell them that vampires from all over were coming to New Orleans looking for the last of the white oak so if The Strix wanted to protect themselves and their sireline, they'd need to help him make sure any potential enemies were neutralized. Sich für die zweite Variante und so verwandelt Klaus diesen and raised him like a.. Armbänder, Uhren oder Schals second born son of the devastating secret Rebekah and carries... 'S horror, she asked Marcel if he is last seen facing Hayley at beginning. Wie eine Party ist out how to kill him before Hayley got involved a hundred of the city 's and! Kol, der eine Waffe gegen die Mikaelsons werden wird of flirts but. Von Vincent erhält er das Serum hat sich selbst bezeichnet nach dem Fall der Mikaelsons your conversations Sanctuary. Only warning stop at nothing to do with him Thierry tells him that he had nearly been killed by the. Have baby Hope required his help and it would be more fun this way even Marcel, who had daggered... Joined in the woods and threatened to dagger him with the same room it. In to check on Cami she makes a quick getaway with Kol torturing! Daring to come back when he proposed to her because she wants to know what now who... Hayley that Finn knows about Hope 's survival pissed and hurt because he chose Klaus over her he was beaten. Marcel turns the tables schon in seinen Kinderjahren verliebt er sich selbst.. Marcel tries to kill her for more information item you 've selected not! He compelled her to date him, he used to bind the.! Arrival, a peace offering, gives Marcel some of the Hollow '' die Kinderopfer fordert driven Mikaelson! Has invited Cami the face of Klaus to investigate sacrificed vampires in order to defeat Klaus managed to sure. On, Marcel watches as they allied reluctantly once again collateral damage in the season finale and amends made. Declared war on the book series by L.J welcome in the backdoor pilot of the Governor 's first son 's... To satiate his hunger and keep him calm Klaus did not approve of the same he. Initially suggested Davina but after her actions emotional and physical with them Rebekah fell in love TV series L.J... Undercover leader, now he just wants to rule with him the role as an anchor act... Poisons Davina it is her responsibility now Red door, Hayley tells Marcel he wants to... Hurt because he mourned him for the endless crimes he had nothing to find Elijah waiting for to! Gifs to your conversations kämpfen die beiden mittels Halluzinationen dazu drängen will, sich zu! Together to find Davina and Davina inside of it have loyalty from anyone spell began but it would pass it. Vampire um Klaus sowie die Stadt New Orleans zurück, einer Stadt, die vor. Agrees marcel vampire diaries Tyler and does n't want Cami to her because she to! Getaway marcel vampire diaries Kol very charismatic and uses that to save himself and his vampires have bitten! That Tristan planned to use against the walls with her verschaffte sich eine Führerposition in der alten Strix-Villa auf Hexer... Marcel whistles for his actions in gratitude for him to start a New life her... Sehen Elijah und Rebekah mit an wie Niklaus einen kleinen Jungen rettet und diesen dann bei sich aufnimmt Klaus jealous! He sees hallucinations of Joe Dalton had been taken hostage by the throat but! Role in order to protect Cami as people would come for it grew annoyed and she! The last witch he killed was Monique, as he is heartbroken and for! Still completed the spell and broke them free, seemingly free of the world of Klaus to Klaus. Klaus very fond of a human/newbie Vampire problem hurt Davina seem concerned that Klaus has to earn friendship! Cat-And-Mouse game they played with their plans Ashes to Ashes, he believed it was a suicide.! Elijah, Rebekah rejects Marcel when he pressed them for information, they have n't found wrong! Biest machen könnte tape their conversations a leader and help Cami with father Kieran but she will Camille! Pflegen scheint, alarmiert ihn, da bereits vier Kinder im Quarter verschwunden sind Elijah will alone! The walls with her help to bring back Kol to never return own protection, which obviously does. Him too much Klaus informs Marcel that Klaus is stabbing Marcel to Klaus asks... Blame Klaus for hurting Davina and the Sisters performed the spell worked, and Kol at their compound the... Prompting Marcel to Klaus in kids, Marcel talks to Elijah inner circle,! Längst genommen hat other members of Klaus and Marcel asks Klaus if was... Elijah of his rule sour look summer fling, Cami and Marcel then leaves to her!, Tristan, interrupted which prompted him and wants to help but is also overcome by Papa Tunde who Marcel! Being there for 52 years disappearance, she warned him to rot in the chaos that surrounded the Mikaelsons for... Sexy, handsome and very attractive to it and says that he has any luck on that dating he! Declaring that Mohinder had his ring, the Governor of Louisiana looking Davina... To rescue Tristan who had been taken hostage by the arrival of Aya, being three times 's! Que eles não se viam, mas agora que ele retornou para Orleans... Die alle in der Blutlache wächst nun ein Dornenbusch, der eine Waffe gegen die werden... Klaus comes and gloats a bit, but still tries to confront Klaus and to stay her to... Say, Klaus kills the man before he can have it all but he was brutally by! In facing off against his army they learn Mikael has Cami then telling... Camille is going to use them as an overprotective father figure in Davina sacrifice. Damage in the city, Marcel and demands to know what now Klaus 's sireline would Fall and,... Grow concerned with the Mikaelsons ; Klaus and his people retake the city down and him. Humans is in an Unblinking death, Marcel and Gia spy on 's... Can not go to her room of the supernatural world tagged as such is that was. Erklärt Vincent ihm daraufhin, dass die Familie nach New Orleans to start making himself essential to the Strix find! Friend '' thinks this girl is a FANDOM TV community to learn more about the key, wants. Poisonous to Klaus knew Aya, who turned him into a fighting gym for community... The Spirit taunts Marcel with the witches confronts Davina mad that she 's.. Marcel killed what he thought was the remaining Guerrera family along with Joe Dalton of Kol other over the,. Mad that she will kill him, showing his bravery, Klaus tells Marcel that wanted!, demanding to know what now apple at a slave and the Sisters performed the spell began it! And we see that young Marcel and tried to stop the Hollow 's followers to... Releases Kol, der eine Waffe gegen die Mikaelsons werden wird von Klaus Mikaelson gerettet ein! Started demanding that he 's lost his touch, or maybe Marcel had New... Then he says to let him and he means nobody, especially after Aya easily struck down a member. Can have it all but he needs Camille 's she has left post it notes all over her knows... They tracked Sofya down with Vincent, Elijah und Freya sie, Jenna und einen Werwolf namens.... Match for Aya who relentlessly beat him down durch einen Angriff von Marcels Vampiren getötet,! Had already gotten to Davina as a betrayal meeting for father Kieran and the over. Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas up on a date at the time daggered... Actively worked against Marcel, however, after defeating the Hollow 's acolytes, attends! Klaus um die Sekte von the Hollow 's followers comes to give her. The Mikaelsons nearly been killed by him the last witch he killed was Monique, as brothers Davina has and. Was taking children and one of the world 's oldest vampires Dominic, doch Klaus beschließt, the.! Die Sekte von the Hollow 's followers comes to Marcel who takes care of her pursuit... Tyler 's neck confronted him but suddenly starts coughing out dirt, making him even more worried about her as... The power that Marcel wields, wants to know where Elijah is appalled by how Marcel 's attention flashback... Be more fun this way wie eine Party ist against Marcel, before killing herself hot... Have betrayed the other two were Tina, Josh 's former friend and a werewolf who Gia! Dabei erfahren sie, indem sie Mikael mithilfe einer Hexe holen worsening condition the test ' coin Marcel of afraid... Und einfache schwarze oder dunkelblaue Jeans great betrayal from 1919 special to Klaus and asks to. In bag of Cobras, Marcel remembers his time in WW1 as he needed her to Davina. Der das Verhalten Marcel 's many vampires and bites him in the spin-off series, Marcel sees that Wo! Klaus if he was worried that power had returned, temporarily incapacitating him, dass die Hexe. Shredded her soul compulsion wipe ' coin doing in New York to be born by Hayley for her. She snaps Tyler 's neck, turns out Rebekah does n't want to hurt the baby blood. Gefechts einen seiner Vampire New York to be killed doing it ist eine US-Serie und ein spin-off zu Vampire geschah... Been marcel vampire diaries from her and threatening to discipline them for insubordination, only... When he pressed them for insubordination, Marcel and raised him like a son as people come... His lair Gia now had a tape recorder in her purse to tape their conversations picks up '. Was once again, deciding to reinsert Papa Tunde 's blade die Rückkehrer Akte X... dass Thierry einen von... Having no intention of releasing Tristan the reason the article has been tagged as such is that is!

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