Kyber Network cryptocurrency Part 2

KNC Forecasts

Since the full launch did not take place, making forecasts is really difficult. It is not clear whether Kyber’s traditional mining will be implemented as a regular digital currency, or whether new “coins” will appear exclusively at the expense of commissions for transfers.

Kyber’s prospects show that the rate can rise sharply because in a short period of time more than five tens of millions of US dollars were attracted to the project. Improved algorithms of other cryptocurrencies will also positively affect the Kyber Network course, which will benefit both its authors and investors.

It is possible that KNC will not overtake Bitcoin’s achievements, but it will still be able to take its burden in the exchange platform segment, which will subsequently lead to an improvement in the status of the payment system and an increase in its popularity.

Current KNC rate to the dollar:

System wallet

The kyber wallet is a truly unique system. The bottom line is the availability of an improved wallet algorithm for other currencies. It allows you to transfer one currency to another and receive it at the address, and so that the transfer comes specifically from the user, and not from the site involved.

The currency architecture guarantees absolute stability in cross-chain transfers. It is already possible to trade between Ethereum and ZCash.

From the start of the Kyber launch, it will be possible to download and install a wallet that will be supported for many platforms. Most likely, among them will be Microsoft Windows, Linux, and possibly Mac OS, as for the desktop version. Undoubtedly, like many other platforms, this one will support mobile applications for iOS, and, possibly, Android.

How to get cryptocurrency

At the moment, the best way is to buy it. Cryptocurrencies are often purchased at exchangers. It is important to know that this is associated with risk because in this area there are many scammers. In order not to fall on their hook, it is necessary to use specialized resources – monitoring. These sites display proven exchangers with the best rates. A great option for a beginner is BestChange.

The site has been operating for ten years, which allows you to have no doubt in its honesty and relevance. The best exchangers with excellent exchange rates, including digital ones, will help Kyber to earn money even on trading.

In addition, various functions are available to the user, such as a profit calculator or a notification system when the indicated rates appear for absolutely any currencies. You can also always read the user manual, which will help the client even more quickly deal with an already intuitive interface. In case of problems, you can contact the support service of both BestChange itself and the exchange sites.

How to earn a Cyber ​​Network

As with any other cryptocurrency, earning Kyber can be a profitable business. Cyber ​​mining options.

  1. Mining Kyber. In one of the species, it will be presented. Be it traditional or not quite. For operations in the case of a decentralized system, the computing resources of all network users will be needed, which means that part of the commission will be received by users on whose personal computers all operations were performed.
  2. Trading A convenient but risky way to get any cryptocurrency quickly. The problem is the ability not only not to make a profit, but also to lose all investments.
  3. Cranes. Like other popular virtual currencies, Kyber taps may appear. These are sites on which the user enters captcha and receives for this very small amount of “coins”. Best suited for people who are able to set up referral systems.

Thus, despite all the innovations of cryptocurrency, the Kyber Network’s earning methods remain as close as possible to the usual ones, which became already classic even during the start of Bitcoin development.

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