Factom Cryptocurrency Review Part 2

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The prospects for Factom are really great, and many experts are confident that the project expects success in the near future. Even at an early stage of development, the project was valued at eleven million US dollars. Dynamics of the Factom course remains positive and continues to grow at least slowly, but steadily. The popularity is still small, but with the process of its growth, the price of the “coin” will continue to increase, which will increase the success of the cryptocurrency, and therefore the Factom rate.

It is also important to consider that large investors, especially corporations working in the IT segment of the market, pay attention to the cryptocurrency by Fact. Among them is also Microsoft. This is due to the desire to implement their data warehouses on the basis of a developed system that has excellent protection thanks to its decentralized network system.

The interest of independent developers is also important and continues to grow thanks to open source and architecture.

How to create a Factom wallet

Cryptocurrency Factom has its own official website, where you must register. After completing this procedure, the user is prompted to choose a format for creating a Factom wallet that is convenient for him. Among them:

  • online version. A convenient option that will allow you to use your Fact wallet from any device using just one browser. But it is worth remembering that this version of the wallet has various vulnerabilities, and large amounts should be stored on other types of wallets;
  • version for personal computers. Factom wallet is tied to the IP of a personal computer, therefore, you can use this wallet only from one device. It is supported not only by Microsoft OS – Windows but also by others, for example, Mac OS and Linux;
  • mobile version. Applicable on smartphones as well as tablets. Supported operating systems such as Android and iOS.

This set allows you to please every user. Each of the facts of wallets has its own characteristics and conveniences, and the client can choose for himself the one he needs. The interface of each version is intuitive for everyone, which facilitates the use of the service. The widest functionality, of course, is in the PC version, because there is also the highest level of protection against vulnerabilities to viruses, hacking and snooping.

How to get cryptocurrency

The surest way to get cryptocurrency, as well as investing in it, is to buy “coins”. Of course, it is most beneficial to use specialized services that are presented in the form of exchanges on the network.

The risk of getting into scammers is great, therefore it is better to resort to monitoring services. These are sites that provide a list of verified exchangers with the best exchange rates. BestChange is rightly considered the best of them because it has been working for more than a dozen years. During this time, the service has acquired a set of excellent exchangers, as well as respect among the community. If you want to earn Factom by changing its course, then it is better to use the services of this site.

It is here that various tools are available, including a profit calculator that calculates the amount received after transactions. Among other things, there is always the opportunity to contact support or read the user manual, where everything is described in detail. This is the best and safest option for conducting money transactions on the network, including with this cryptocurrency.

How to earn

If you read this, then you might have wondered about making Factom. There are three types of receiving cryptocurrency.

  • Cranes Factom. The simplest, but also the most inefficient. The bottom line is to visit specialized sites and enter captcha there, for which the user receives a small reward on his wallet. This is only profitable for those people who have created a whole referral network, and you can only get one or two US dollars for the whole day.
  • Mining Factom. Mining is standard on this cryptocurrency and is made through the direct use of computer technology. The algorithm is applied similar to that in the Bitcoin system, which means that high-performance equipment is needed, otherwise the profit will be minimal or not cover the costs of the energy consumed. The process itself is automated, so no intervention is required from the user.
  • Trading This way to earn Factom requires investment. This is justified by the opportunity to get the maximum amount in the shortest possible time. But it is worth remembering that there is a risk of losing part or all of the invested amount of material resources.

Thus, obtaining a cryptocurrency by the fact is identical to receiving cryptocurrencies that have already become traditional, for example, Bitcoin.

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