Bitcoin Gold cryptocurrency Part 2

Bitcoin Gold cryptocurrency technical highlights

The main differences in the code that complement bitcoin are that they use a different mining algorithm, its name is Equihash. He was able to become resistant to ASIC chips. ZiCash virtual currency uses the same mining algorithm as Ethereum. All these coins need GPUs. Eisic miners are now considered the main problems of Bitcoins. This opinion is shared by the team of creators of Bitcoin. And the problems are due to the fact that coins accumulate in the hands of only a small handful of miners.

The advantage of the BTG project is that it uses Equihash rather than SHA256 as a permanent foundation. This will allow the creators of Bitcoin Gold to compete even with Ethereum, despite its close resemblance to ZiCash. This attracted widespread attention since next year Ethereum is going to switch production algorithms based on evidence of work to another, developed on the proof of the share itself.

Now Ethereum mining requires a huge number of video cards. In percentage terms, this indicator is one of the highest in the world. The creators of Bitcoin Gold developed their own coin in order to eventually become the main consumers of all this power. More details can be read on the website.

At the same time, Bitcoin Gold changed the algorithm for setting complexity. Now every two weeks the “interference” parameter is adjusted, which helps or prevents miners from solving blocks and receiving rewards. This parameter ensures that the average production rate will remain stable, namely no more than one block in 10 minutes. They also want to change the amount of appearance of “interference”, since it has become too frequent for the whole team. Instead, they plan to use the measurement and adjustment of the difficulty levels for each block earned. At the same time, the Bitcoin Gold rate will be stable.

BT mining features

For mining Bitcoin Gold, the familiar algorithm will be replaced by Equihash. Now, the Proof of Work formula is used to mine Bitcoin Gold. After changing the algorithm, mining BTGs on ASIC devices will not work. This decision found a positive response from GPU-miners, which should even more positively affect the popularity of BTG cryptocurrency. The pool area on the official website.

The amount of BTG coins coincides with Bitcoin and amounts to twenty-one million. The time for one block is also repeated – 10 minutes. The new formula will allow all computers to take part in the extraction of crypto money. This will be possible due to the redistribution of load on small packets. The result is more efficient mining of Bitcoin Gold, even on ordinary computers. The production of ASIC miners will become disadvantageous for this algorithm. The list of free pools is constantly expanding, and among them, there are such as:

  • Miner Topia;
  • BTG Pool;
  • Happy to Mine.

The software requirements to earn Bitcoin Gold are much simplified. Now any personal computer with Windows7 or higher installed is suitable for this purpose. RAM will be enough 4 gigabytes. The most important thing is that the reduced memory requirements for video cards, now it can be absolutely anything. It is only important to install device drivers correctly.

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