how to dispose of cooking oil in germany

ASH-BLACK BIN Everyone we talk to seems to have a different opinion of exactly what goes where, which I find somehow very reassuring. Just with cleaning today, I was pressed with questions on which bag and what color waste bin. By learning how to dispose of cooking fats—from vegetable oil to animal grease—properly. Dead batteries go in a box at the grocery store, usually next to the bottle return machine. The costs for garbage collection come out of property owner’s council rates which they pay either monthly, quarterly or yearly. Your post on garbage separation was very interesting and a bit “unmasking” for me as a German. leipzig. moments. I live in the north of Australia where not all plastics are recyclable, but most people put all plastics into the recycle bin regardless. It’s a lot easier when you grow up with it. Ali June 1, 2014 @ culture shock, Germany, language class I find it strange when people throw ‘just everything’ away. It reminded me of when I lived in Japan. Life in Germany This statistic shows data on the development of total consumption of cooking oil in Germany from 2007 to 2016. Because really, if you’re enjoying a couple beers in the park, do you really want to carry a couple of 8 cent bottles home with you? List of Cooking Oil Companies in Germany . December 7, 2014 @ Add a bit of warm water. I have a 5 liter container of gasoline at my home. I am still laughing today.Thanks god for our recycling, Ali Really random crap – If you have a bathtub, window glass, or an animal carcass, you have to call a special number. How to dispose of cooking oil in small quantities; Start by waiting for the oil to cool down. They were a pale green color. Some people also put their bio garbage separately and we also have a bunch of rules about bigger items that you want to get rid of, like the bathtub you mention. 11:28 AM. Anne Or like I did, without a washer for 3 […], Sofie Does anyone know the 'correct' place to dispose of it? I cant help wondering whether the bins themselves are even recyclable. Sorry the trash stuff is getting to you! This type of garbage is called Sperrmüll and requires a pick-up appointment. Plus it is a lot of least 6 or 7 bottles full now. They are orange, so people notice them better (in other cities they are green or grey). October 5, 2015 @ So a glass container.. even though glass should go in the bottle banks hehe. Ramstein Airbase just switched over to the German way of recycling. Pour it into a glass container like an old jamjar. The restaurant grease is usually collected and made into cosmetics. You could also add about 2-3 tablespoons of detergent to each cup of oil/fat and mix well. Ali We never had anyone yell at us when we were throwing garbage out, but I’ve read plenty of stories about that happening in southern and/or smaller towns. Reuse Leftover Cooking Oil. Well just wasn't sure that was environmentally friendly or what not. It’s where I used to put my napkins, because they’re paper products. That’s a good one Ali, thank u for sharing , Ali Rapeseed I would use to fry an egg for example as it has pretty much a neutral taste and Olive Oil is a general purpose oil, especially good for marinating anything for grilling with the exception of indian food I and naturally for salad dressings. That yellow bag can be confusing. Yeah, I’d just put them in the black bin. Because let’s face it: Germans love free shit. I don’t know, where they dispose off those materials? Or Scared. What I don’t understand is what bags do you use for each bin. 10:39 PM, Newcomer But only these three things. I hope that helps! Subscribe to our Stripes Europe newsletter and receive amazing travel stories, great event info, helpful PCS tips, interesting lifestyle articles and more directly in your inbox! 1:58 AM. 8:35 AM, […] (which are placed in a box near the glass disposal bin where the refunds are received) and even Christmas trees which are collected on one specific day in […], Brent Once it's cool, pour it into a full trash bag so the scraps absorb some of the oil. | wert and art, The Environmental World Leader | Deakin SciCom 2014, When throwing out the garbage is a scary task - Dasher Life, 5 instances of reverse culture shock from my trip back to the US | live . August 14, 2016 @ February 27, 2013 @ Cool used cooking oil and oily gravies to room temperature, pour them into plastic or glass containers and dispose them in the dry waste bin. I guess technically hair might fit with the bio (the food waste) but I always clean off my hair brush into the bathroom garbage can, and we put that stuff all into the Restmüll. They are trained to bag and bin everyday. Sorry I can’t help more! I have a question , where do I get the yellow bags from ? Once there are no more fat globules the stuff can go down the drain. I bet that “trash day” is not called that, it’s called “pain in the *** day” The Kaiserslautern waste management guide provides useful recycling tips. Usama Ahmed April 22, 2013 @ Here in Australia garbage collection is handled by the local government (councils, cities or shires depending on what they call themselves and where they’re located). Thankss!! During summer months trash should be picked up twice a week. Or at least it seems like it should require some kind of course. Glad to give you the foreigner’s perspective on German garbage sorting. February 26, 2013 @ disposal cooking oil marpol. I’m pretty sure Berlin has the option to make a Sperrmüll appointment, but I don’t think anyone actually does it. I am so grateful to you for this explanation! Beer bottles, plastic soda bottles, aluminum cans, etc. February 28, 2013 @ Linda, you’re probably right about people making a lot of money off of this. Please please tell me that I have to tell my kids that it’s ok to just throw it in, don’t worry about the drippings. There are also two other bins that they issue and the rubbish for them is collected on alternate fortnights. Hehehe. Here there are a few sets within a few blocks of our apartment, and I’ve also seen them near certain intersections. Ali We do our best to sort things correctly, but when even the Germans who have lived here their whole lives can’t agree on what goes in which can, we can only put so much effort into it. Ok so I have to walk down to the bins carrying single pizza boxes or can I throw them away in a plastic bag? This category baffles me. August 18, 2015 @ I don’t want it to get nasty in there. I inquired about disposing of it and the German “Trash Police” actually told me to buy a bag of kitty litter, pour the kitty litter into a big bucket, add the old gasoline to said kitty litter, wait for a few days for the the gas to evaporate and then discard the old kitty litter into the normal trash can. My guess there is the black can, but you might want to ask a neighbor about that too. We often use leftover paper shopping bags or a box to collect it in the apartment and then dump the whole thing.,, I am really impressed by your nice and splendid way of addressing this issue. – electronic garbage Maybe this is a sign I’ve been here awhile, but my first thought when I read your comment was, WAIT, where do you put the garbage that we put in the yellow bag?? Fotini Thank You! I actually find this process hilarious and entertaining. So last year, when i was living in Manitoba/Canada for some months and my landlord showed me proudly her three new recycling bins (they slowly start recycling in Canada now) she was kind a disappointed that im allready a professional …, Ali 5:45 PM. When my husband and I bought our new mattresses, it was for an additional bedroom, so we weren’t getting rid of the old one. Here are some tips on how best to reuse or dispose of your used cooking oil. I too live in Germany and wondered if I was the only American that thought this garbage puzzle was created to cause chaos amongst the people. Many countries opposed this proposal. It ranges from 8 cents to 25 cents depending on what the item is. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. 5:58 PM. But I must say, I’m still flummoxed by the process here, and evidently  I’m not the only one. May 24, 2013 @ Hi Fotini! 5:45 PM. Simply strain the oil through a coffee filter or cheesecloth to remove any particles and crumbs. Waste mineral oil (fuel oil and lubrication oil) can be reprocessed and re-sold as low-grade industrial lubricant or industrial boiler fuel oil to generate heat, electricity or both. In any case, I hope it will be useful to you in a way or another. After a couple of rounds, we’ll replace the plastic bag. One big barrel for anything that can be recycled (cans, plastic, paper, etc.) I sort of thought I had this down! Ali Anything useful went in the foyer or on the street. Before you wash pots and pans, wipe them of excess grease with a paper towel to save the oil being poured down the sink. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; I’m sure I’ll find it strange next time we go back to the US to just put garbage all into one place. Kind of funny to think of my post being used as a reference for someone’s apartment building! leipzig Recycling in Germany also means observing quiet hours. With my own experience living in Germany for 4 years, and with some extra research on official sources, I came up with a little guide on what you need to know about recycling in Germany. Although the garbage collection system in Germany where you are seems really complicated, there is at least some logic to it. The game idea…hilarious! (Berlin does not do this.) Ow and if we by beer bottles in ‘containers’ or boxes, we also get some money back if we return the emptry glass bottles. But for your sake, I hope Australia doesn’t start making garbage sorting as complicated as it is here! There are a few different ways to do this with a liquid waste like cooking oil. Fotini October 20, 2016 @ When you have things too big to throw in the […], Fotini Once filtered be sure to store this oil in an airtight vessel in a dark place. I understand paper/ cardboard can just be thrown in, but nasty food clippings. Ha! The “other” category basically. I think most people love free shit, but I think in Germany, the love of “free” has combined with the confusion of how to get rid of certain things, and you have a perfect storm where piles on the sidewalk are a normal part of life. Thats not what the link to garbage disposal that I included indicates: "Geringe Mengen ranziges Speiseöl können Sie in einem geschlossenen Behälter in den Restmüll geben. Hi, I’m so glad my garbage post is helpful! There’s no winning with the rules of garbage in Germany. One is the standard bin with a yellow lid on for recycling cans and bottles and the other one is again a standard bin but with a green lid on it and that’s for stuff from the garden i.e. Answer: If used oil disposed into the oily bilge system it will be fed through the Oil Water Separators (OWS) which is not designed and approved for this purpose. I told our landlords about the site, and they used it as a reference for the people living in our building here in Freiburg. 1:07 AM. Ryan from Jets Like Taxis In our community you can get them at the Rathaus, also for free. Ali July 25, 2016 @ Expired medications also go in here. It is really complicated here, but I’m glad they’re trying to do so much for the environment. Glad to help Anthony! Thanks Nancy! I doubt Germans would just throw away meds when even washing your car at home is prohibited. Also, the neighbor that took the mattress: I’m pretty sure she was a horder. You did a great job explaining the recycling procedures. March 18, 2014 @ 7:06 PM, That is just crazy and too much of a headache to keep up with. Cap the container so it is secure. I’d say if you’re scraping a few crumbs off your plate, don’t worry about putting it in the black, but if you’re throwing away a pile of chicken bones or something, stick to the brown/bio trash. Yes, and they're quite easy to make them out b/c of the rather distinct odour. Going back to Atlanta to get married was very strange to see everything just thrown into the same bags and down the same chute. It’s sad, that in Poland you don’t have to sort rubbish if you pay more. March 23, 2014 @ Thank’s for posting and for sharing your very informative blog! This is just another example. I had to be really careful since some type of recycling was picked up only once a month, you don’t want to miss it! 6:31 PM. February 27, 2013 @ Maybe separate your glass, plastic and aluminum containers for recycling. April 12, 2014 @ It’s really just the bio because it’s food trash and the paper because it’s paper that you can’t use normal trash bags. 7:56 PM. Many countries are producing huge garbage piles and don’t know how to properly recycle. Now, name a container that's on the aproved-for-disposal list which you can put oil in and close. One time when we did this, a guy took our old TV, a microwave someone left near our building, and a bag of old water meters from when we had the pipes replaced. If there are too many confusing categories of garbage, it’s easy to put something in the wrong place, and they who knows if it gets recycled properly. March 27, 2015 @ Telephone +49-152-53843865 Address Danckelmann Str.57, 14059 Berlin amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; November 13, 2013 @ This gave me a chuckle! I tried to ask the neighbors but i got a bunch of different answers. Cooking oils can wreak havoc on a home’s pipes as well as local sewage systems. Regards, Ali But they got a special award for “best recycling team” in the olympic villlage. Oh, and my Rotofriteuse has a drainage hose. Many times one of the,relatives dived in to the garbage to rescue one of the items I disposed wrongly.I thought it was quite funny,but they did not. German cooking is often thought of as being very hearty with an emphasis on meat and potatoes. And can I use my Hefty trash bags in any of these below? Thank you, Ali And it’s funny because I CAN imagine it! If you want to get rid of the oil, let the oil cool completely, then pour it into a nonrecyclable container with a lid and throw it in the garbage. So, after living in Leipzig for 3 months, I had grown accustomed to sorting and composting my refuse. BOOK-BLUE BIN February 26, 2013 @ I’m new here and i don’t know where to trought out my clothes and my dead batterie. If you do not have curbside food scraps collection, small amounts of soaked up cooking oil would go into your household garbage. February 26, 2013 @ Eleonora One is taking it to a local restaurant. Ali If you happen to be out there when they come by, they might even ask if you have specific things like old TVs. Glad to help Crystal! When it’s trash day, you will see a rainbow of garbage cans and trash bags lining the streets waiting for the appropriate garbage collectors to retrieve their specific pile of trash. From childhood on we Germans are trained or it’s in our genes But the bottle people often come around with giant bags or even grocery carts and collect hundreds of bottles at least. Same goes for coke bottles, but not for wine bottles, those need to go with the glass. Also, don’t even think about walking down the street to dispose of your glass on Sundays or after the posted hours. This place (Germany) still slays me with the trash collection and separation process. So in the end it is very much like how it was where I am from in New Hampshire in that we never separated anything but the recycle centers took care of it for us but here for “practice” purposes they make it so you and I have have 900 trash bins per house. Ali Ha! March 18, 2014 @ February 25, 2013 @ It’s eight pages long, and explains in great detail where everything goes. Not that I know of. I can’t stand trash left out in bags laying around. Or, you could be like us and basically throw everything in the Restmüll cans. I keep getting conflicting info. February 28, 2017 @ I hope the recycle places do sort out the plastic that can be recycled from the ones that can’t. When in doubt, I usually put things in the black bin. We have several bottle of old cooking oil from our deep fryer. This would make a great board game for someone to invent. May 23, 2013 @ Most of these items seem like they go in other categories. So juice cartons, the plastic container meat comes in, plastic wrappers, yogurt containers (but only after you’ve rinsed out any remaining yogurt), and shampoo bottles. But also remember that some things differ from one town to the next, and even the Germans don’t always agree on which bin certain things go in, so try not to worry about it too much and don’t let it take over your life. 10:25 PM, T. Sahu We lived in Berlin, though, where things seem to be a bit more casual. Liquid Oil and Grease Material Type Quantities Disposal Method; Tiny amounts - frying pans 500 ml or less: Absorb with paper towel or newspaper, kitty litter, sawdust. Yes you can put garbage in a plastic bag before putting it in the black trash can. Or somewhere else in your grocery store, but usually up front somewhere. Hi just visited family in good old Germany,you can not imagine the panik i created,when disposing rubbish. Ali At least in the states it is. 9:40 PM. Good post, Ali! Thanks for the helpful and entertaining post, I chuckled a couple of times. – the rest. While it can be used for the same product two or three times, it's best to make sure the oil is safe to cook with. any idea on how I would do that? 11:21 AM. February 27, 2013 @ I also found out recently the city or the garbage collectors or someone cleans out the bio garbage cans twice a year, so that’s nice! Andrew January 23, 2019 @ 8:38 PM, […] huge thanks goes to Ali who helped explain a lot of the above with this post, and to all the bloggers who blogged about Germany and their crazy recycling habits to scare me […], Brent Or Whatever You’re Feeling. Do the best you can! Ali Yes, there are lots of complicated aspects of life in Germany, but there are a lot of great things about living here too. 11:01 AM. 10:01 PM. That crap sat on our balcony for about five months because it’s complicated to get rid of it. Some people even run their diesel engines on straight vegetable oil. I’m pretty sure they also have recycling and/or trash centers that would take your old gasoline, but that does sound easier than finding the center, figuring out what their limited opening hours are, and trekking out there. Huh? August 6, 2013 @ But this is only applying to certain types of packaging (and not only plastics). Your email address will not be published. 1:48 PM, budget jan Thanks for the info. Sabrina The “training the public” story doesn’t hold water. March 10, 2013 @ 9:29 PM. This helps with a good start. Ali It’s pretty much impossibly complicated to live in Germany without committing suicide. I’m not sure where the Gorilla trunks would go, but you can try either 1) simply putting them out on the sidewalk to see if a passerby is interested, 2) putting them in your black trash can and see if the trash collectors will take them, or 3) find the nearest trash center. If your community has curbside collection for food scraps, small amounts of used cooking oil can be soaked up in used paper towels or newspaper and then added to your curbside organics bin. It is very confusing, and even after 2 years I still get stumped sometimes. It’s not expensive. There’s actually a big sign down the street from us at another apartment building in 7 or 8 different languages telling people what trash goes in which garbage can! 11:32 AM. 6:10 PM, I’m trying to write a guide on this at the moment and now I’m more confused than ever haha! Brigitte Nafiz I applaud the Germans for their attempt to recycle as much as possible and throw as little out as humanly possible but where I live in Rheinland-Pfalz it is exactly what you described. March 3, 2013 @ And then I laughed at myself. You should get one of these trash magazines I mentioned sometime in December. © Ali's Adventures 2020 Domestic cooking oil can be correctly disposed of in the "normal" garbage. 10:17 AM. How to dispose of domestic cooking oil at home. 12:13 PM. Use cigarette ashes as your other main ingredient and you can sell it as "filthy greasy soap" or similar name. 6:06 PM. Thanks for the detailed post. […], Alexander amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; Ali We’ve read that they burn some of it, so they want to make sure they’re not burning things that shouldn’t be burned. 1:12 PM. The food waste even has to be disposed of in certain biodegradable bags. I hope no one will add to the terror of this job by saying the correct place for old oil is a yellow bin in Stuttgart. There are always little oddities of what goes where and the annoying bit of taking out the bio before it goes smelly. We still do our best but I know we are not 100%. Ali As if it wasn’t confusing enough already. So I asked why we separate everything if they are just going to mix it all up at the recycle center. Long to realize, that is just crazy and too much of a headache to keep up with the... Custom we ’ ve also seen them near certain intersections quite confusing system. Getting more used to put my napkins, because they ’ re not buying plastic bags,. That spits out a magazine each year to show that we lived in Baden-Württemberg tablespoons of detergent each. Still wearable, you pay for it I feel like I ’ ve that! To be disposed of in the bio actually go in other categories, it probably goes how to dispose of cooking oil in germany... A week night before, you choose your size and you ’ probably. They often take hazardous things you can put oil in the trash out on the street dispose... February 27, 2013 @ 4:14 AM owner ’ s one bio garbage can we actually pay.... So glad my garbage post is helpful and other non-paper packaging materials go here. You probably didn ’ t be used anymore lets the oil months, I wouldn ’ t know the '! Recycling programs area we live in ll replace the plastic bag but we didn ’ t know about Dryer,... A black garbage can here, but you get two of these below out your garbage cans our! Want your mattress after it got rained on though here are some tips on how to... Materials go in the black can, but you might want to know specifically how do! To get back to the bottle people often come around with giant bags or grocery. A year, so I ’ d think trash sorting funny to think of my post used. Are still quite unsure about all the sorting you don ’ t take long to realize, that in you! Regards, Ali February 26, 2013 @ 7:06 PM, [ …,... Powered by WordPress • oil company list, 12, in Germany answer... in the Restmüll the... People aren ’ t supposed to go region to region time and give a... And those are ok to put in your general waste a box for in. The one you pay for week, you can put garbage in a box for them the... Of these trash magazines I mentioned sometime in December things differ from region... S funny because I can line my kitchen bin for those doubt Germans would just a... Ask the neighbors but I ’ m finding that even many locals are still wearable you! Also two other bins that they don ’ t take long to realize, that of... In oil, though for anything that some scavenger might find useful some of it does seem a “. Used oil becomes just a hobbyist, you can ’ t start making sorting. Service to take it back as they are green or grey ) put those in the black are plenty other! Lot of their trash on the sidewalks can I put the oil dumpsters for our 8 unit apartment building one. Then there are also two other bins that they would have to sort rubbish if you miss this day well. Meticulous sorting winning with the trash here in Germany from 2007 to 2016 somehow very reassuring with this either. Pretty sure she was a horder s so much crap in the black bins or. @ 10:23 AM live in Germany from 2007 to 2016 Airbase just switched to... 'S Adventures 2020 Powered by WordPress • company who sell new mattress also... May vary… lived her for 3 months, I ’ d just put them in a box them! To make sure you sorted your garbage in Germany do here in Freiburg the. A different opinion of exactly what goes where and the rubbish for them in the black ones, and only... Total consumption of cooking oil at home have a question, where do I get the yellow sack or bin! Was illustrated with children ’ s pretty much impossibly complicated to live in Germany 25. Is explained partly by Germany 's relatively northern location waste of time for everyone bags. What size you want sell new mattress and also take care for themselves and bad... Day, well I don ’ t go that far who says food that! Up cooking oil, you can buy the bags at the Rathaus, also in black! Germany for eight years now take a while for newcomers to understand what goes in the trash like... Nervous jan almost every restaurants have a question, where things seem to be confused the. Vegetable oils, such as cooking oil, start by waiting for the yellow sack or bin! Old TVs ” for me as a German friend who says food scraps that have been cooked in! Too big to throw in yellow bag put them in the Restmull your may! Your post on garbage separation was very interesting and a half got rained on though hot cooking oil, by. Out of these things here with the trash is paid for it when they come and it. 9:21 PM, that is just crazy and too much of a headache keep. Into cosmetics seat for our building t figure out the clothes aren ’ t confusing enough already,. Of old Gorilla trunks, and it ’ ll become second nature, and not using is! Ask if you do n't have a kind of a nasty thought that your neighbors because vary. In them or something, throw them out b/c of the oil through a coffee filter or several of... T think you needed an instruction manual for throwing out garbage in dark... Near certain intersections gas tank ll replace the plastic that can be disposed.

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