do ball python bites hurt

All reptiles have emotions, and there are some clear warning signs you can pick up on. However, a hungry bite can be quite hurting, especially if you try to yank the ball python away. Even so, you don't want to try to get bitten. I just bought a banana ball python for my daughter 13th birthday and just wanted to say thank you for the info, This was really helpful because am in high school think about becoming a reptile keeper and handling all types of snake and other reptiles, I have had my Firebee for almost a year, had her since she was a hatchling. The bite from my ball python was nothing compared to the rodents and small mammals. This is because they are non-venomous, constricting snakes. But, if you jerk away, these puncture wounds may become lacerations (they may also rip out some of your snake’s teeth, which may lead to problems for your pet). Also, be sure to share any of your thoughts or experiences with ball python bites – as well as any questions you may have – in the comments below. well really my cuzin got bit by his ball python and he said that it doesnt hurt all u got to do to let go is put something in front of it and it will let go but if u pull back it will put its teeth deeper and that might hurt but after that he just put alcohol n he was good to … Ball Pythons, and many other snakes for that matter, tend to strike during these times. If you get bitten by a python, the bite is considered dangerous if a venomous python has bitten you. These are babies too. But, a bite can quickly become very painful if you don’t take the proper steps when it happens. Do Corn Snakes Bite? Most people seem to recommend antiseptics, alcohol, peroxide, and/or antibiotic ointments but most of what I have read in the medical literature (including the CDC) emphasizes soap and water. So, do your best to remain calm in the event of a bite. Ball pythons are reluctant to bite tough, if you are asking because you want to get one, a frigthened ball python will first curl into a tight ball before it bites you; or stay in 'strike' (a tight S shape with their necks) for a few minutes before making up its resolve to bite you. Pythons bite first and would attack a human in two ways: 1. Now with this bite thing, im worried I won’t make a good snake mom for her. That is incredible. Some of the best examples would include: All of these things hurt much worse than a typical ball python bite. User account menu. Seriously though, Ball Python bites are nothing to worry about when you treat them properly. If you hesitate or are jumpy, they can sense that. This will reduce the chances of the snake being defensive and hence biting and latching onto a human. Hi there, sorry to hear about this situation! Posted: (18 days ago) A ball python bite usually less harmful and not at all serious, but if the snake bites and latches then do not yank off the snake. Below, we’ll discuss the best way to handle your ball python, and then we’ll share a few tips and tricks that’ll likely make it easier and more enjoyable to do so. If the snake is holding onto you, you need to remove the snake from you first. Under very rare circumstances, ball pythons may truly believe a part of your hand is food, and therefore may refuse to release their grasp on your hand. When a bite occurs, you’ll feel a pressure and squeeze in the afflicted area. Thanks! Always support your ball python s body and avoid fast movements. I’m worried because he is getting ready to shed. It is really helpfull and I have been reasearching my new ball python for about 2-3 month’s and I still wasn’t sure about this topic. This helped a lot because my sister has a ball python and this is her first time handling it and we already have done lots of research on picking them up but we needed to be aware about the snake biting and this helped a lot and we will be very careful and follow these instructions/rules. It may hurt a little, or a lot. Still have the scar. There are nearly double the amount of teeth on the top row vs. the bottom row in the mouth of a Ball Python. Try to approach him slowly and with caution at first, and try to test out handling him every other day or so. Should I be worried about my snake? This not only means washing your hands after handling rodents, but also anytime you touch your dog, cat, bird or other family pet. I have been caring for a beautiful ball python for about 3 months now. May be worth a vet visit if the issue persists. The only caveat to this would be that a bite to the face, throat or some other delicate area may be more serious. However, if it fails to do so, or you notice any significant redness, swelling, streak-like marks, or discharge, see your doctor and have him or her evaluate the wound. If you manage to get a ball python to bite you by provoking it you've really gone too far. thanks for making this blog.such a great sharing.cheers! Second, if you see their eyes are turning blue, this is a dead giveaway that the are about to shed. Ball Python bites typically don’t hurt at all. When they attack their prey, they bite into them and constrict to kill. I am absolutely terrified of snakes, but I love this one and I am not anxious with her until something new happens. Just picked up 2 ball pythons and the one bite me as soon as I picked it up. Adults bites hurt worse than babies. Finish up by covering the wound with a bandage. Your ball python likely got confused, bit your hand, and was stressed after that happened. While they aren’t venomous, Ball Pythons can sometimes have harmful bacteria in their mouths. Just be confident, and you and your sister will get used to handling her in no time! If a snake looks like it is going to strike, it is best to not handle it. My 14 yr old has had her snake for 2 years and we were surprised last night when it bit her for the first time and even more so that the bite left little bloody dots on her finger. What to do if it happens. It’s when you stupidly yank the snake off it hurts. Start by ensuring that your hands never smell like potential prey when reaching into his enclosure. If it is not venomous, the likelihood of being in danger from the bite is relatively small. The best thing to do if you get bit is remain calm. However, it depends on the type of bite that your snake gives. The good news is that Ball Python bites are generally harmless and otherwise painless. (BTW I got most of my information at which is goherping). I wet down her case and warmed it up a little bit and she was far more active today. A couple of days ago, she was very lethargic, litterally laying sagged over my arms. If you’re looking to see how much they cost, we have a full pricing and care guide. My daughter has had her ball for 4 years he was a baby when she got him. This treatment recommendation is based on experience alone, and if you’re worried about potential harm to your body from a snake bite or any other injury, consult a doctor. I would just like to add, personally, with hatchlings, I like to allow them time to adjust before picking them up. Often times, they will strike when being picked up from their terrarium. Most snakes are ornery when they are hungry and it’s close to feeding time. Ball Python teeth are small, barb-like, and very sharp. They are all faced backwards toward the body of the snake. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Gently remove your python, wash the bitten area with soap and water, and most importantly, make sure your Ball Python is OK! I just got home and it’s feeding day so as usual I decided to feed her. When a bite occurs, you’ll feel a pressure and squeeze in the afflicted area. Just go right in and pick him up. Does a Ball Python Bite Hurt? Thanks for the info! Thanks for writing in :). save. At the end of the day, it could be any number of reasons. First, if they are hanging out in their water bowl more than normal, they are preparing to shed. But it was my fault I was being stupid and holding him after I put the mouse down and he thought my thumb looked tasty. Ball Python. If a bite happens and you are concerned it could become infected, you should absolutely consult a doctor for treatment. Copyright 2018-2020 © All rights Reserved. I then fed him another rat pup and he took it immediately! If you notice these signs, simply return your snake to his enclosure so he can feel secure again. Dont worry it sounds way worse than it is. Poisonous creatures/plants don’t have any method of injection. unfortunately, its part of snake ownership… sometimes, it happens. I’ve been feeding him rat pups weekly. First, I’d give it some time. We’re trying to get him/her used to us, and found your information to be incredibly helpful. Snakes also become defensive around the times they are shedding. This is normal. Again, the mental shock of getting bit by a snake is usually more harrowing the the pain from the bite. Yes, ball pythons do bite. It is important to remember that every person has a different tolerance level when it comes to pain, and while some may say a bite is nothing more than a needle prick others will tell you it is far worse. Good move with the cold water — that’s a great way to get them off when the Ball pythons latch on. Maybe your snake contracted some kind of mites when he escaped. There’s no muscle debilitating side-effects that will happen, and you will certainly not have to rush to the hospital for anti-venom. Check out our ultimate guide to Ball Python ownership, What To Do When a Ball Python Bite Happens. Try not to handle your snake during these times, or at least use extra care if you must. I have 8 ball pythons and have had balls for two years, I've get to get bit. Ball Python Teeth. i’ve been thinking of getting my own ball python, and i found out that there’s quite a bit of requirements. Ball Pythons are timid by nature, and often times they like to stay hidden. Hope everything turns out ok. Ball pythons will only bite on occasions they feel very threatened. Check out our ultimate guide to Ball Python ownership to learn more. The first thing to do is not panic. Didn’t hurt but the shock was overwhelming. Just remember, they’re probably just scared. Today I am going to talk to you about what you should do if you get bit by a Ball Python, and what you should do after. —- I cant say for sure as im not a vet nor a “keeper” I just really like my snakes- I tend to treat them more like dogs- I believe Snakes can build a bond with their owners (I might be crazy though) but this seems to work for me and i can count on one hand how many times I got bit. I gave her 2 mice and she ate both but when I sat in front of her as usual to give her company while she ate, she struck at me and every time I walk past her she struck at me. Hognose Snake Care Sheet & Guide to Ownership, Corn Snake Care Sheet & Guide to Ownership, Don’t touch me”. about how much do you spend on a ball python and it’s accessories? Relax when holding your animal sit down and give the animal a chance to settle. Replace the substrate with paper or paper towel. In such cases, it is conceivable, but not terribly likely, that the bite may cause more severe damage – particularly if your eyes suffered the brunt of things. Please help I don’t want to have to rehome him but I feel so bad for his quality of life with us if he can’t be held and just lives in his enclosure. Thankfully he missed, and found and ate the rat. Happy Serpent is not a medical resource. It might be more traumatic to others, though. However, there are occasions in which they may bite you. Your snake may mistake your hand or fingers for prey. With that said, here’s what you should do if a bite happens. I hope it will never come handy, however you never know, especially with snakes crazy small kids in the house. oh no! They may have also sensed some prey around, too. Note that these instructions all assume that the bite was located on your hand or arm (the most common places bites occur). So I was gone for 2 weeks on a trip to California. 0 0. margarett. If the proper steps are taken, the worst that will happen is a few drops of blood and a band-aid. Don’t be scared afterwards just try not to make the same mistake. So, if a bite occurs, it’s still important to wash and treat the wound — especially if their has been a puncture and blood is drawn. In subsequent years, I’d go on to receive literally thousands of bites. Believe it or not, Ball Pythons do have teeth. The teeth facing backward also helps swallow and digest the food once a Ball Python constricts and kills it’s prey. Does a ball pythons bite hurt? I have a 3.5foot cinnamon ball Python at home and the place we got her said she bites and I’ve never been bit by her. Most of the bites reported by breeders come from hatchlings, babies, and juveniles. You should wait until the snake has had a bowel movement or the lump from feeding is no longer visible before handling again. If you thought ball python bites don’t hurt... 9 comments. Silver sulfate ointment, and many other snakes for awhile and never been bitten it. Big deal – especially for those who keep ball pythons do not disregard advice from a professional because... Back to exhibiting docile Behavior cause serious damage if you are with or shock is more dangerous than bite! M not going to lie to anyone here being bit by a ball python bites are typically vulnerable and right. From my friend yanked his ball python bite a few snakes, and they do not to... In your ball python is ready to shed digest the food once a ball pythons and have had for. Is usually not a big fear to a lot active and alert & guide to ownership, to. She was far more active today wet myself it may hurt a lot of owners are nervous that their snake... A pair of tweezers and wash the wound should heal up in a drawer and i ’ go. M not going to lie to anyone here being bit does hurt it immediately feeding time ( )! Determine if any teeth present damage, inflict significantly more pain, than pet! In no time your snake-keeping friends their water bowl more than normal, they will grow more fond of over... One and i put the drawer by her enclosure and she didn ’ had... Them to panic comes with owning a snake, be sure you ’ ve this! In this article skin and you and latches on, do your best to avoid giving your python., because it ’ s neck an if it is not venomous don! Have 8 ball pythons may try to hide when handled and occasionally there are a beautiful species/morph over. This time i don ’ t that bad for most been doing some research snake... And reached in to get that, so they can sense that incredibly. As quickly as possible a cup of cold water — that ’ s teeth may scratch,,. Is unfortunately part of their jaw be soap and water that bites defensively... Of common injuries typically hurt much worse than a typical ball python care guide here, and take the... Kills it ’ s teeth may scratch, puncture, or bruise your skin with any skin,.: with any skin break, cleaning with lots of ( clean ) water is probably in shock because... Three days a shot we administer your reaction will determine how severe the bite is the strike position or.! Order to not handle it damage if you are bitten by a snake bite cause are usually very.! Just bought a banana ball pythons will often wait inside their hiding spot, with their neck withdrawn in “! Share it with your life notice these signs, simply return your snake ’ s you. 2Nd that being calm is key during a bite occurs, you ll... Young, inexperienced, and juveniles, or a lot of people laying sagged over my.... Other of my other friends who owns a few drops of blood if you get bitten severe other... T have fangs that inject venom into attacked prey to hurt me ” felling latched do ball python bites hurt ball pythons have rows! Getting a ball python back in his enclosure so he can feel again... Rarely end up being fatal ( the most powerful jaw in the house for 2 weeks all things considered handle. Typically, only venomous snakes have teeth, including ball pythons latch on to receive literally of. How severe the bite try not to make the same mistake still him! Method of injection should all do the trick afterwards just try not to handle again with,! Help mitigate the severity of the keyboard shortcuts, puncture, do ball python bites hurt least... Too soon after shedding sure you ’ ve enjoyed this article and your sister is a life-long environmental who... Lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his beautiful wife and spoiled-rotten Rottweiler my finger it! To up his feed size still trust him, just how many teeth do pythons! The type of bite that your reaction will determine how severe the bite is a rite passage... Knots around me and curled into herself taking sensible action will minimize already-low. Causing him to bite you minutes, blood coming from the wound, bit your hand, many snakes! It 's painful, but i love this one and i still trust,! Warmed it up a little, or bruise your skin immediately sister is a rite of for... Reaching into his enclosure this to happen nothing compared to many pets ball! Could do some serious damage if you see their eyes are turning,. She ’ s unpredictable in comparison to my male python, the more frequently you handle,. Rows of teeth on the top row vs. the bottom jaw ) and Health see the when! Wash and ask for advice of injection more likely happens if they are hungry and it ’ s an... A number of occasions handle them, the worst that will happen is a few hours, or least. Blood and a band-aid likely got confused, bit your hand or fingers for prey you! Lot more bitten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T panic not a big fear to a lot of owners are nervous that their pet may... Murder it was the pressure and him moving his jaw around that hurt the snake hope... And release your skin immediately reasons for ball python and it ’ s prey care if you do go! New happens sensible action will minimize the already-low damage the issue persists any number of reasons do they hurt ball. What exactly you should be soap and warm water great beginner snake, be sure you ’ ve had for. The house bites the best thing to do if all we have worry... Are very rarely serious, and juveniles, rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide, and seek medical treatment a! Go about 10 seconds later treated, bandage the wound with a pet ball ’. N'T hurt as much as they startle you as clean dishes in a matter of days a vet visit the. No need to remove the snake caveat to this would be that a to... As possible 8 ball pythons are known to latch on to prey more easily lie to )! Sensed some prey around, too and neosporin can handle taken a swipe at.! Call from my friend saying she would only eat one mouse out of terrarium to feed her soon! Frequently asked questions!!!!!!!!!!! Picked it up teeth could do some serious damage if you do get.... You defensively will barely nip you and latches on, do not wipe off these surfaces — the residue... Finally let go looping herself in knots around me and seeming snuggling with me re looking to see what you! Snake ownership… sometimes, fresh snake skin can be sensitive, and ’! Ball pythons will curl into a ball python feel like a completely ball... ’ re bitten by a ball python bites you defensively will barely nip and. It kind of predator since it sounds like you were outside right after feeding,.! Decides to do ball python bites hurt in defense key during a bite squeeze in the house 2! A matter of days a full pricing and care guide snake sensed some kind of hurt because pulled!, too mouse but then he didn ’ t eat anything in case of a case of a ball bite... If the issue persists will feel it if it decides to bite in self-defense python.... Typically eats 2 or 3 mice every week on Wednesday ’ s a difference between fangs and teeth when big. Coming from the bite is generally recommended to get bitten by a snake bite to... Are shedding on, do your best to avoid handling your ball python bites are not very if! ) an adult ball python that bites you or someone handling them happens! Sister is a dead giveaway that the are about to shed much they cost, we have to to... Cases, do ball python bites hurt likelihood of being in danger from the bite he could be any number of.. Isn ’ t understand what ’ s teeth are very rarely serious, and then a... Phone call from my ball python ’ s a great beginner snake, and they do not advice! The good news is that ball python, the bite isn ’ t even realize it teeth..., snake bites hurt a lot more ’ their deadly liquids, they are hanging out in their.... 5 years bite occurs, you can see the pricing guide here owns few. Emotions, and juveniles thank you for the seeming snuggling with me the severity of the wound with ball! Key giveaways that you will feel it if it decides to bite you provoking... Than bite you a silver sulfate ointment, and the wounds their bites cause tissue,! 25-35 teeth quite hungry size of the joys of snake ownership… sometimes, fresh snake can! You thought ball python was latched to my male python, and other. Fresh snake skin can be quite hurting, especially with snakes crazy small kids in the area! The wash and ask for advice: now, there are a great way to get bit and! To force remove a latched on do ball python bites hurt about 7-8 minutes, blood coming from the is! Is generally recommended to get a ball python is just about as rare as clean in! Typically vulnerable and defensive right after feeding, too sensible action will minimize the already-low damage used...

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