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Just get summer internships. UBC doesn't set admit averages, they get applicants, and admit the top x number of people, based on how many seats they have. Reports are located on the Planning and Institutional Research website. Be smart and stay on top of your game. Computer scientists build fast, reliable, scalable and secure software systems to organize and analyze information. UBC, like many Canadian schools, does not inflate grades (it is a bit easier than UofT though, as far as I know, UofT kills grades). Co-op advisors also visit students at their place of work and pro… Thats about it. The Personal Profile is your chance to give us additional evid… I can really only answer the first one: If you care about computer science as a science, and not as just a marketable skill, then UBC and UToronto are probably the best in Canada and are roughly equal - it depends on the sub-field you're in. Now a 72% is a 2.95/4.33 scale, and 65% is 2.5/4.33 scale. Discussion: should UBC CS raise the admission average to 85-90? The issue is more that people game the system by doing the easiest possible courses to attain a high average. 8888 University Drive Burnaby, B.C. The nice thing is you only need 8 physical science credits that are NOT chem 111/113, phys 100. UBC Annual Report on Enrolment provides information related to enrolment for the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses. Also theres a ton of non pure cs students in 310. If you want a really good shot at working for the good companies, I suggest joining some clubs/Design teams or work on person projects on your own time. IB Math Applications and Interpretations SL, or IB Math Studies, do not satisfy the math requirement for admission to UBC’s science-based programs, the Faculty of Management, the UBC Sauder School of Business, or the Vancouver School of Economics. This is absurd. It doesn't matter if the cutoff is 95% or 65%. The Commerce/CPSC double major is a great option, go for it. Be prepared to admit you know nothing, and spend long hours in the lab on trivial problems. Here, we will discuss the admission statistics at this excellent University. Most likely you might do an extra year or year and a half, but thats about it. I don't recommend skipping lectures or homework. How is Science One different that Coordinated Science Program? you sure spend a lot of time trolling on Reddit, maybe if you use this time to study then you will know how to do the dp question on 320 or do better in 313, Does anyone know how I can block people on reddit? Background: Graduated from UBC Bachelor's of Science, major in computer science. Canadian undergrad has the reputation of good schools, good instruction. Admissions. Will I have any spare time? I am interested in minoring in Commerce, does anyone have any experience with this and any recommendations? The main point is that UBC is a great school and once you have your degree in CPSC, you'll be set up well for a job or masters/further studies. You will notice I only took 27 credits (4 courses per term). You'll soon realize this in September, but nobody is really watching over you when you hit university. 80% is a bit too low, and should be raised to 85-90 (in that range, essentially). UBC releases an annual enrolment report each year that provides demographic details about the people who apply to the university and the students it admits. A coop degree does NOT change that slightly. In response to the impact of COVID-19 on course and lab delivery, we’ve updated requirements for applying to affected second-year program specializations in 2021. If you're asking about transferring faculties/schools, applying for specializations/majors (e.g. My first year at CS was basically 1st year Science, with 2 CPSC classes. Sorry I couldn't be of much help. I'm going to piggy back off of this post because I have a similar question. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Selection for admission is based on the average mark in all credits of post-secondary coursework attempted. About. There's also lots of mid-size and lesser-known companies in the Vancouver area, and the intern job market is pretty hot. List of Required Undergraduate Courses. My average was 92% and I got in on May 11.While I was waiting for UBC's decision, I felt very stressed out and cried a lot. UBC Search. 4) COOP is great. Who are you to judge the grade of a person and the amount of effort they put in? Just a conversation, not insult-slinging. I think its 5 courses a term if you don't want to do summer courses to catch up. Your year’s cutoff was likely lower than this year’s, but thats only because more people want to do CS. Science One is a smaller class (75 vs. 168) and has a larger teaching team. Archived. Skip to main ... (76% or 3.30 GPA at UBC) average in your 300- and 400-level courses. Press J to jump to the feed. That shit is all up to your own skill though. Vancouver is a Software hub. I took a CPSC course and it seemed like they were quite on the ball. That should be enough qualifications to answer right? The applicant is responsible for ensuring that all supporting documents, including official transcripts, are submitted to Enrolment Services by the deadlines provided following the submission of an application, otherwise the application will not be considered. Which companies are usually associated with providing jobs for the students at UBC? That said, it is quite competitive too. Can anyone, especially students in the program, help me out and provide some insight? Science had the highest domestic admission average at 92.9 per cent, with engineering (applied science) and commerce being not far behind with 92.8 per cent and 92.6 per cent, respectively. Microsoft in Vancouver rarely hires interns, because the Vancouver areas are either game dev studios (which require some amount of game dev experience) or hopping points to Redmond (visa issues, etc). Eligibility. This is entirely within departmental/program remit. They should limit the enrollment numbers (say, to 200 per year instead of the current 500ish) and just take the top 200. How about eliminate the group projects? The Faculty has a Broad-Based Admission policy that takes into consideration academic performance and evidence of other characteristics and qualities, to select the most competitive students for the Bachelor of … Getting an 85-90 in first year is doable for serious students who are truly dedicated to their studies. PM me, Should ENPH raise the admission average to 101.5%. .alert-icon { Ahh, 2nd choice changed from April 15 to April 30, waitlisted on April 13 to UBC Science (1st choice) till June 15th with a 92.75 % average. The same as every other Science student except you take 2 computer science courses. what courses are you required to take? Popular companies around Vancouver include: SAP, Hootsuite, Microsoft (not the main company, but one of it's branches), and EA (I believe). ; Choosing a Specialization. Computer Science. Once your final IB results are available, we will use them to confirm your admission decision and any first-year credit you may be eligible for. It's torn me down and built me back up with a very solid foundation of how to analyze and solve problems. My CS Menu Faculty of ... Why Computer Science at UBC? Applications will not be considered complete until you also answer the Personal Profile questions. Computer Science Co-op Applicants must: Have and maintain a minimum average of 68% or B-Be a full time student, majoring in CPSC or in the process of declaring CPSC as a major; Have a minimum of 30 credits remaining in your degree, excluding the current term (at the time of application) As others have mentioned, Waterloo is kinda the hipster place of studing CPSC and has more of an outgoing culture. I mean, it's not like I'm calling for WW3 here; this is a fairly reasonable topic to discuss. The University of British Columbia Vancouver Campus. Canadian high schools; International high schools; Find out how applications are evaluated. Complete the requirements and you get a minor. Computer Science, Political Science, CAPS), or applying for first-year residence, it belongs here too. UBC Annual Report on Enrolment provides information related to enrolment for the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses. I would highly recommend this because it helped me ease into university life and helped me keep up a very good average. Computer Science, Political Science, CAPS), or applying for first-year residence, it belongs here too. UBC admissions blog Special message about your UBC application and COVID-19. This data includes admission rates, demographic details, retention rates and other interesting tidbits. From the many applications we receive every year, our Grad Recruiting and Admissions Committee will select a very small number of students for entry based on academic excellence, research achievement, perceived potential for the PhD program, and fit with the interests of a potential supervisor. Also, I'm not quite sure why getting 85-90 is considered doable, since the curve is designed so that *isn't * so doable. Please also note the following: So don't do graduate school there, basically. I think the admission average should based on a predetermined set of courses. The Department of Computer Science offers opportunities for study leading to a bachelor's degree in Arts. Even if you were to restrict, them to majors only, people’s work habits vary with time. I can really only answer the first one: If you care about computer science as a science, and not as just a marketable skill, then UBC and UToronto are probably the best in Canada and are roughly equal - it depends on the sub-field you're in. idk since when was uni for serious students who are truly dedicated I thought it was a place for opportunity, learning and personal growth, idk there are some dumbass students who want to do CS just for the money. Science One is the flagship first year science program at UBC. Individual departments often set minimum admission %s for their majors and honours programs. Explore everything from the basics of computing, including data structures, databases, operating systems, software engineering, and numerical methods, to specialized areas such as computational intelligence, bioinformatics, computer graphics, and computer animation. You work with some great profs at UBC and actually get to bring a product to market, some have attracted some serious investment. The Computer Science program of UBC Okanagan’s campus basically teaches you how to improve computers. Minoring in Commerce, huh, well whatever. As for course loads, it really is what you make of it. For example, one stream of computer science is in computational intelligence, where people work to create computer systems that can perceive and reason about the world and surroundings. What does a typical course schedule look like for first year computer science science student? UBC is a distant second to Waterloo. However, the 12 lowest credits may be dropped from this calculation providing they are for courses other than those pertaining to the program requirements listed above, and provided that the student is evaluated on a minimum of 48 credits. Science One also fulfills the requirements for entry into many computer science degrees. This page outlines the minimum requirements for the UBC Department of Computer Science. Admission requirements Requirements for admission vary depending on where you attended high school, which UBC campus you hope to attend, and which degree you’re applying to. The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! Admission to the PhD Track Admission to the PhD Track is extremely competitive. If you are truly brilliant, do yourself a favor and get thine the fuck out of UBC. That's all I ask, r/UBC. Disclaimer: The admissions process changes significantly every year. If you have Bio 11/12 from high school, you can avoid biology altogether (although you would need to taken EOSC or ASTR instead). I have to carry the whole group. People work all over the lower mainland for various software companies from HootSuite to EA Burnaby to hard ware companies in Richmond, to about anything. First-year credit. ICICS/CS Building 201-2366 Main Mall. Computer science combines the study of computation and information processing fundamentals with their application in the world around us. Admission to the Faculty of Science at UBC is a prerequisite for admission to the Science One Program. Online Application. The option is intended to help prepare interested and qualified students for careers in the computing industry with a minimum of 4 work placements supervised by practising professionals. Because high-school systems vary around the world our assessment practices also vary. Computer Science. Right now I'm doing a coop with Amazon. Students may apply for admission to the Major or Minor in Computer Science upon attaining second year status (completion of 27 credits). Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4. Depending on your skill level and what you want to do. Therefore, I feel the current average of approx. That would put people on a more level playing field imo. For information on the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, see the Computer Science entry in the Arts section. If you just want it for the marketable skill and "to build rad apps yo" then probably Waterloo, since they have a good base in industry and a lot of the big software companies hire from there like mad. Admission requirements Requirements for admission vary depending on where you attended high school, which UBC campus you hope to attend, and which degree you’re applying to. Out of town options include Facebook and Google. If so, you have come to the right article. The lowest was bachelor of science (wood prods proc) at 76.5 per cent. Application for admission to the Engineering program must be made through an online application form no later than January 15. A Computer Science advisor can help determine possible course exemptions within Computer Science. http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=12,215,410,421. A year-round Co-operative Education Option is available for students in Computer Science. You'll find yourself quite pressed for time and stressed out. All first and second year CS courses are 4 credit courses with very extensive lab work. But, the basic reality is, if you want to invent the infrastructure the world uses, you are either in Silicon Valley or doing open source work. List of Required Undergraduate Courses. As a first year you just complete a whole lot of prerequisites for the program. Degree-specific requirements: Applied Science … 2nd year is when you declare your specialization, so keep your options open! If you want to go all out first year, also take CPSC 210 in second term (with CPSC 110 first term). As for the whole programming asset thing, don't sweat it. If I had to do it all over again, I'd do it in a heart beat! That being said, a few people who have programmed before love to hate on this course cause they say it's silly/easy and too abstract (no pun intended for those of you who get that). It's definitely one of the best choices I've ever made. Do you want to know more about the acceptance rate at the University of British Columbia (UBC)? I don't think you're in comp sci just yet. I'm not a comp sci student, nor am I persuing a minor degree. For all you know, they could be great at CS but just didn’t do too well with the required science/arts courses. Don't let that scare you. Finally, just because YOU think that a 85-90 is achievable by dedicated students, doesn’t mean a person with an 80 is not as dedicated. The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! I'd say that Vancouver probably has a bunch of solid application companies (eg: EA, gaming industry, web junk, etc). If you are interested in pursuing a second degree in Computer Science please see our Second Degree BCS program and Second Degree BSc program options. You definitely picked a good school to take CPSC at. Canada V5A 1S6. Assignments become more about applying the courses material rather than learning something new about programming. I can't provide amazing insight, having only taken one course, but the courses really are just separate. At all times the intention is to provide a fair evaluation. Would that be better perhaps, or would that keep the courses from being accredited (due to industry jobs having them)? Actually, this is not correct. Main navigation. Meeting the minimum requirements is not sufficient for admittance -- top students from around the world compete for our limited number of positions -- but if you have a strong background and interest in computer science, do not let this discourage you. I'm in my 3rd year of sciences, but know a few friends in Comp Sci. NOTE: This is merely a topic for reasonable, intellectual debate. My CS Menu Faculty of Science Computer Science. CourseRatings.ca - Reviews of UBC Courses A lot of people also get picked up by the big companies like google, facebook, msoft, amazon. So as you can see, not that easy. In the Bachelor of Science Computer Science program on UBC’s Okanagan campus, you’ll learn how to use and improve computers. It feels like, despite the supposed "competitiveness" of CS, a large bunch of the CS students here aren't fully cut-out for the program. I don't want any beef. Science had the highest domestic admission average at 92.9 per cent, with engineering (applied science) and commerce being not far behind with 92.8 per cent and 92.6 per cent, respectively. Helpdesk hours: 9:00am - 4:30pm Email: [email protected] Location: ICCS 103 It's worth noting that if you have programmed before, CPSC 110 may be difficult at first (since it is a functional programming course), but if you embrace it, you will often have this kind of moment in the last half of the course: http://i.imgur.com/UmpOi.gif. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS . Let me also mention something that a CPSC Department Outreach Committee Member dropped when I sat in on a meeting: "CPSC is both cool and hot: The content is cool and the job market is hot" (a grad student said this). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. CPSC 121 can be taken in either 1st or 2nd term. I also took coop, I couldn't recommend it. But first, let’s look at the background information. Or maybe you can work on your networking skills so you can find a partner who will work at your level. How To Select A Computer Science Specialization. Let me just say that the market is really open to these types of programs. I did my undergrad in Computer Engineering, but I'm doing my graduate studies in Computer Science. It will re-open in June 2021. Whereas other majors have to do all of both. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Should I stick to one major? The UBC Science Second-Year Application is now closed. The application deadline for Fall 2020 admission to UBC was Jan uary 15, 2020. This will make things MUCH more flexible in your second year (you will be able to make better timetables because the other second year CPSC courses often have weird lab timings). I'm pretty sure his goal is to become the most downvoted person on reddit. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. There's an option to do CPSC and Bidness as a combined major, but it is very hard. I graduated from UBC in CS back in 2001. There wouldn’t be so much stress among CS students to succeed in unrelated courses like CHEM or PHYS as well as make sure they are actually competent in the related ones. How is the workload compared to a Major in Commerce, and a Minor somewhere else? I'm not an expert on this, but I think that most UBC students should be able to have a social and academic life (unless you're me, taking 7 courses a term, two of which were honors level). Anybody with the prerequisites can enrol in individual courses. The University of British Columbia is a global hub for teaching and research. I'm going into UBC next year, and am considering a combined major in Commerce and Computer Science. Please be sure to inform the Faculty of Science about these exemptions when you apply to transfer. We know that – like all students around the world – you are adjusting to ongoing changes meant to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone in schools safe. I did my undergrad in Computer Engineering, but I'm doing my graduate studies in Computer Science. Admission requirements. Students apply to Computer Science after completing their first year of studies at UBC. What is the University of British Columbia Computer Science Graduate Admission? Admission to the Major or Minor is not automatic and must be approved by the Department. Eligibility. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Admission for Students Entering the Program in 2017/18 or Later. Note, I have heard that computer science is the third most competitive major after Cellular Anatomy and Physiology and Pharmacology. You end up doing an extra year I believe (five years is pretty standard at UBC regardless), so the coursework isn't unbearable, but all of your electives will be academic. UBC Club and Student Group Database - Reviews of on-campus clubs and an actually usable alternative to the AMS Clubhouse directory. I believe that programming is an invaluable asset in the future, however I don't want to distract myself too much from my intended major. Currently working as a software engineer at A Thinking Ape. It is simply the lowest average gpa of the person who got in the program. Close. I dont believe it had any long term impact on my earning potential or job opportunities except for delaying my graduation by 1 year. In this program, students explore the basics of computing, analyze data structures and operating systems. Here it is: http://imgur.com/iwAKpnz and http://imgur.com/pKnsPFP Basically follow the guide on this page (the first table): http://www.calendar.ubc.ca/vancouver/index.cfm?tree=12,215,410,421 If you follow that guide there is a lower chance you'll mess up your course planning for later years (read the later years to get an idea). If you're good at numbers, the commerce work isn't too difficult at the beginning, the courses that slay undergrads are managerial economics and accounting, which only require applying basic calculus and being detail oriented. Phone 778.782.6930 Ask a question But you will NEVER have name brand recognition. Rationale: experiences with poor group member performance in CPSC 310 group projects. Across Canada, people work for IBM, the Deparment of National Defence, other gvmt organizations. Bachelor of Computer Science - Integrated Computer Science (BCS) This 20-month, full-time program is designed for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree in an area other than Computer Science. Admission. It's a good program in a great school. This is done during the entrance application. CS isn't too bad, but there is a very very steep learning curve. Press J to jump to the feed. (I've also heard McGill has a good program). First-year students go through a general foundation program before applying to a second-year specialization; Placement to a specialization is based on your first-year grades and a personal statement that is submitted towards the end of first-year

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