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MISSION: ASCD empowers educators to achieve excellence in learning, teaching, and leading so that every child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Because all parents want their children to experience educational success, parents can share best approaches for teaching their child. REFLECTIONS 55 the integral relation between religion and culture which enriches both these, is the experience of India. Regarding ethics values, when conflicting opinions happen, one must aware that because every culture has its own moral standards which mostly based on religious precepts, something might be right in this culture but wrong in other cultures. Therefore, a culturally competent health care system can help improve health outcomes and quality of care. The first recorded immigration figures are from 1820. Diversity exists within any cultural group. Many of the popular movies (for example, Como Agua Para Chocolate, Bajo la Misma Luna, Conejo en la Luna, Al Otro Lado, Diarios de Motocicleta, Un Día sin Mexicanos, Buscando a Leti, El Cometa, Gringuito, Casi Casi, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, El Norte, Maria Full of Grace, The Other Conquest) are available on DVD.
3. Spanish and English have other differences in language structure. It is our contention that the gospel is always available along with a particular cultural embodiment alone. In this webinar, Brad Spence from ECO Canada presents “Cultural Self-Reflection – Indigenous Cultural Sensitivity Training,” which explores cultural sensitivity and the culture of Indigenous Peoples of Canada. including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission from ASCD. All of these activities have the same goal: to learn more about your students and your school community. Exploring the Latino culture should begin with an introspective approach. We urge teachers of English language learners to develop self-knowledge by gaining awareness of their "social positioning"—that is, their own power and privilege in relation to others. “The reason why everything I do is so different is not because I’m trying to be provocative; it’s simply a reflection … And don't overlook other, more general websites devoted to the Latino culture, which can further your understanding and provide information that you can work into daily instruction (see Appendix B). For example, you could use a trip to the panadería (bakery) to provide background for teaching the children vocabulary (for example, words such as "oven," "ingredients"); reading about pastries from all over the world; teaching a math lesson about measurement, quantity, and time; and teaching a science lesson recording changes in size, mass, and color that result from baking at a certain temperature. Sharing a meal is another opportunity to learn about the family's history and culture by way of observation and genuine conversation. The variations in Latino culture underscore why it is important to learn about students' backgrounds rather than making assumptions, and learning about students' lived experiences is easier if you establish a partnership with each family. In its corrective function, literature mirrors the ills of the society with a view to making the society realize its mistakes and make amends. It’s that magical moment to start afresh, pursue new dreams, and, this year more than ever, leave behind the past 12 months. one does not or cannot exist without the other. Learn about the cultural activities and holidays that your students' families celebrate. Scholars would argue that one is simply the absence of the other. Students can share information about particular cultural values and beliefs by telling stories, explaining rites of passage, and describing ceremonies associated with celebrations. Our language influences us greatly; here in the Midwest most of us here take for granted that English is the primarily spoken language. Caring for a multicultural society is the name of the class I am taking this semester. The Impact of Culture on Adaptive vs. Maladaptive Self-reflection: Supplement 2 Abstract Although recent findings indicate that people can reflect either adaptively or maladaptively over Mrs. Ruiz was talking to students on the playground one day when Guillermo mentioned that he bought a kite at the pulga (flea market) over the weekend. After surveying the students who had been to the pulga, Mrs. Ruiz created instructional connections in math by guiding students to create various graphs using the survey results. Choose teaching strategies that complement the styles and preferences for learning that individual students make apparent. Fiction can provide young readers with a reflection of their own experiences and lives, letting them develop an emotional connection with characters like them. Consider listening to regional music and learning the lyrics of songs by pop artists such as Mark Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, and Gloria Estefan. help the teacher support student learning? Rodriguez (1998) suggests that it’s very important for all to have Cultural self awareness. Validate all students' heritage. All rights reserved. Fried plantains, for example, are generally found in Cuban and Puerto Rican American cuisine but are not common among other Latinos. Mrs. Williams discovered from speaking to Mario's mother that he did not have previous experience working on cars; however, Mrs. Williams had observed how he performed successfully as an apprentice to his father. Between then and 1990, 57 million people immigrated to the United States. Because geographical/regional factors may influence language use or accessibility of resources within the community. Children who grow up in a bilingual environment also understand the distinctiveness of the cultures in which they function (García, 2009). For example, note these differences in how a Spanish-speaking person may ask a simple question such as "What do you want?" All of these suggestions for exploring the community are intended to offer ideas and artifacts that can make lessons more informative, relevant, and meaningful to students. Thus, interest in learning about students helps the teacher design and deliver authentic learning experiences while enhancing cultural sensitivity. Reflection on Self as a Cultural Being I would say I am around this area, I am learning Greek currently, and in High school I took four years of Japanese. If it is feasible to proceed, however, children will engage and develop important academic skills as they conduct research and interview their parents, grandparents, and other community members. How do the three different types of reflection (reflection in-action, The Internet offers another way to familiarize yourself with the Latino culture. However, other scholars would argue that suffering is involved in the integral process of achieving happiness implying that suffering, realization, reflection, discourse, and active pursuit of change. Being a part of the west, sometimes it is challenging to see how it can be a negative thing. Cultural reflection: Critically reflect on how one’s own culture, life experiences and world view as well as dominant cultural paradigms, influence perceptions of and interactions with Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander Peoples. This paper provides a viewpoint of the culture and subcultures at Google Inc., which is a famous global company, and has a huge engineering staff and many talented leaders. Your engagement in the community, along with the relationships you establish, can enable you to deliver culturally responsive instruction as you connect school learning to children's lives outside of school. Society and culture influence the words that we speak, and the words that we speak influence society and culture. However, many nations do see westernization as being intrusive. This means that narratives contain content that represents the culture and characters in authentic ways, have rich plots, and use language accurately. Interpersonal disconnection is a social self-motivated phenomenon involving the reciprocated creation of a distance between people living in the same society. Sports never interested me either, and being sensitive was never a valuable thing when viewed culturally. When the content is appropriate, you can use Spanish-language media as conversation starters with your students or their parents. All serve to inform your instruction and to build relationships with parents. Many Latinos speak two languages, Spanish and English, and this situation is more complex than one might imagine. Appendix C lists a number of books that are worth reading for background information or as sources of literary works. Culture shapes our schools and institutions from the outside in. Counter culture refers to cultural patterns that strongly oppose those widely accepted within a society. Latino students can be a direct source of information that enriches your understanding of the Latino culture. With academic success as the communicated shared goal, parents will likely be motivated to support the learning goals and objectives that you establish. The teacher understood the value of using students' experiences as resources and invited Esmeralda's sister to speak to the class. For this reason, cultural reflection in the process of the teaching/learning of classical languages can be considered as developing of thinking, deepening the experience, grounding the value system and understanding, giving a sense of the cultural heritage by the self-perception of the person. culture and society may have some common elements but the two are not the same; they are not identical. limitations focussing on how evidence is used within each type of reflection. Any given act is moral when the cultural dictates believe that the law is moral. For example, English has 44 phonemes (the smallest unit of sound in a language) represented by 26 letters, but Spanish phonemes vary between 22 and 24, depending on whether the language is spoken in the U.S. Southwest, Latin America, or Spain (Pérez & Torres-Guzmán, 2002). Find out the level of educational attainment of each parent. You can casually mention that you learned a Spanish song but need students' expertise in helping you understand the content, particular lyrics, and the images they convey. More important, watching Spanish-language programs may help you bond with your students (and their parents), especially when you mention some of the shows they watch. Student projects can also involve researching famous Latinos. Therefore, we urge you to avoid making generalizations based on unexamined assumptions and perceptions that can sustain stereotypes. Self Reflection on Decision Making. Subculture refers to cultural patterns that set apart some segment of a … An example of how strengthening home-to-school connections can improve instruction comes from the experience of a 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Williams, who took a proactive step by making a home visit to learn more about one of her students, Mario. self reflection (english1010) Sociology Reflective Writing; Welcome ; Sociology Reflective Writing. Authentic literature about Latinos avoids stereotypical themes and characters and generic plots and settings. Obviously it is important to always proceed with empathy and sensitivity. Find out how the Latino parents communicate about education to their children. Locate community centers and attend cultural events (for example, concerts and theater performances) that focus on the Latino culture. Upon reflection, ... is a small piece of evidence of the self-defeating and unwise courses of action prompted by short-term economic perspectives in reaction to the challenges of actually dealing with ameliorating climate change. Because Latinos identify themselves in many ways. Society can’t separate from their own culture. In today 's society we will encounter and face a myriad of problems. Additionally, each Spanish-speaking community displays variations within each of these language cueing systems.

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