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Your email address will not be published. Therefore, you’ve got to take action quick. Good morale means employees are productive, collaborate better, miss fewer workdays, and feel more satisfied by their work. If your team has not yet developed inside jokes, then you can still share a collective chuckle by exchanging team building jokes. If your team is remote, then you can destress by showing off each other’s pets on video call or watching an animal live stream like the panda cam at the Atlanta Zoo. Helping others can be one of the fastest ways to help yourself. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics a full-time worker in the US works on average 44 hours a week. Monetary incentives are mainly offered in the way of bonuses. Simply make the channel, invite the whole staff, and encourage coworkers to share peer-to-peer shoutouts. To acknowledge accomplishments and improve the atmosphere, try giving employees a round of applause. You could also build naps into your work from home policy. However, there is still little in the way of practical and actionable guidelines that help HR professionals foster a better workplace environment. Dance parties are great morale boosters for remote employees too. The few hours of lost work will result in an increase in productivity and employee gratitude, which benefits the company in the long run. Employee morale is one of the most important aspects of running a company. 10. Kind words can go a long way. The morale boost will contribute to your business’s success. A daily huddle only takes a few minutes and can be one of the most powerful engagement tools and morale boosters in your arsenal. By building a nap allowance into your policy, you give employees the leeway to get extra rest when needed most. This, in turn, will increase the likelihood of employee engagement. There are no shortage of teamwork-centered activities you can use to build camaraderie and bolster your crew’s mood. Morale boosters are a great way to improve office culture and earn the benefits of team building. Maintaining morale in the workplace is important, since high morale correlates with higher worker satisfaction, less turnover and absenteeism, and increased production. It’s easy to become fixated on the things that are not going right, such as projects that are over-running or a team member who is underperforming. Nonetheless, remind your employees of the impact that they make with a Wow Wall. When it comes to boosting employee morale, some companies just don't get it.There are many simple, yet powerful, techniques you can use to instantly boost employee morale. Here are 11 low-cost, easy to implement morale boosters: Clearly, this is something everyone wants for their company. Good work mood boosters are simple gestures that show employers care. Or, you can decide on a theme for a meeting or a month and invite teammates to arrive to video calls with a fun customized background. You could even initiate a friendly and harmless prank war to add humor to the workplace. Staying in touch with employees is very important, particularly if you manage remote workers as it helps to keep them in the loop with what is happening in the business and it also makes them feel part of the team. Everyone could use a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up in the form of a tasty treat from time to time. A compliment or random recognition can change the course of the day for the better. Boost employee morale by giving them a sense of purpose so they have a goal to work towards and something to look forward to. And when there isn't a global pandemic, we do local activities too. It comes as no surprise that at the end of a long working week, employees feel the need to let off some steam. Focused, hardworking and productive employees are hard to come by and these are the ones you be should working hard to retain. Employee morale affects motivation, performance, and workplace relationships, in addition to long-term outcomes like staff turnover and brand reputation. Reward creativity by displaying the final products in the workplace, as testaments to the beauty that can be created when people work together. A business’s success depends largely on the morale of the workforce, so leaders should routinely measure mood and aim to inspire employees. Game rooms do not need to be expensive. Remote teams can enjoy games too. 5. The campaign could last a long time, such as a months-long fundraiser, or you can condense the service into a single day of volunteering. Coworkers often build camaraderie by telling jokes and laughing together. Flexible working covers many facets, including offering employees the opportunity to work part-time, job-sharing with someone else, working extended hours and the ability to work from home. A new trend in internal communications is using purpose-built employee apps, especially suited to reach and engage frontline workers who are on the move and who work in customer facing roles unlike their office based colleagues. Food trucks are a fun way to break up the monotony and add variety to your coworkers’ days and diets. If your team works from home, then you can allow group members to set an away message and catch some z’s. The thoughtfulness of the gesture and quality of the experience tend to be more powerful than the price tag. See more ideas about morale boosters, teacher morale, staff appreciation. The best of these apps combine cloud storage, secure messaging, integrations and many other features. Your team is full of some of the most hardworking folks you know. Be open and transparent about communication. ... At When I Work, we use a tool called TinyPulse. Recognize Work Promotions Your employees work hard to advance corporate culture, improve business relations, increase company revenue, and more. Whatever way you decide to incite laughs, ensure your methods are clean, kind-spirited, and safe so that only good feelings result. A thank you lunch may be a nice gesture, but team members may not get to enjoy a sit down meal if under a tight deadline or swamped with to-dos. Divvy them up a week at a time to employees who’ve gone above and beyond their job. To be a little obvious, teambuilding.com is a team building company. Then move forward with the morale boosters that drive your team to action. At the end of the day, ask team members to share how many compliments they received, and announce the impressive number to the team to further boost morale. Or, you could find funny gifs to exchange in emails or team chats, or funny pictures to tack to each other’s desks and office walls. Recognition can be a great morale booster and motivator. Like smiling or laughing, clapping and cheering, with reason or not, can make people happier. Your employees will think of everything as a team effort and now that they know exactly what must be done, they’ll work more efficiently to do so. At the event, include fun icebreaker questions to help jump start conversations. First, commandeer a wheeled cart or collapsible wagon; in a pinch, a wheeled office chair will work too. Morale is the driver for productivity and engagement. Cut stress/raise morale: 9 one minute games for employees Periodically playing games with your employees (no, we’re not talking mind games) is a great way to build camaraderie and provide a much-needed break from the stresses of a workday (or workweek), all while building team morale. For a quick pick-me-up, you and your staff could even engage in a short spur-of-the-moment charity activity, such as selecting a cause and each donating five or ten dollars, or assisting a visually impaired person with an errand on the Be My Eyes app. While you do not need to go full office-makeover on your building every month, you can allot a small budget for new decor, be it an art print, a comfy chair, or a plant in a gumball machine. Interestingly, non-monetary incentives tend to be more effective than monetary rewards as they offer tangible benefits to the individual so that’s definitely something to bear in mind. Break Room. What are the best quick morale boosters … Your employees spew knowledge all day long. Home; Quick Shot Morale Boosters. To spread cheer and positivity in your workplace, start a game of compliment tag. With low morale, employees do less work with less dedication. Let people choose one: the day before, the day of, or day after their birthday. You can also plan games like online trivia, Bingo and scavenger hunts to further increase opportunities for connection. In this article, we take a deeper look at why morale boosters are important and share 17 quick morale boosters you can try with your own team. Injecting a sense of fun into the working environment may be more difficult if you manage a remote team, but you should still do it to reap the rewards. As such you do play an important role in whether employee morale is high or low. The enjoyment that people will feel in receiving more money in the pay check will soon fade and you’ll still be left with demoralised employees so its important to handle deeper employee morale issues appropriately and candidly. Almost all the items on this list are free or low-cost, meaning that you have little to lose, and a lot to gain. Ask yourself: what could I do today to boost my employees’ morale? A surprise early Friday release or late start on Monday is a great way to say thanks for the recent hard work and allow for personal care—like attending children’s school events or taking a quick … Stressful days can cause tension, and sitting all day can give your staff the jitters. So we set out to write this article with the aim to dispel any confusion that surrounds the subject and to offer practical tips on how you can increase employee morale in a noticeable way. Google employees enjoy famous perks such as game rooms and on … Thank you! The rules are simple. 11 Employee Morale Boosters . After stocking up, wander the halls and offer your office mates refreshments. Belongingness and Love needs – work group, family, affection, relationships, etc. May 21, 2020 - Explore Elizabeth Holder's board "Morale Boosters", followed by 386 people on Pinterest. To play, find a template online and create stimulating questions. These conversations can lead to friendships, and these friendships will help boost engagement. So hardworking, in fact, that lunchtime often finds your teammates perched at desks, shoveling salad or pizza into mouths with one hand and firing off an email to a client with the other. Rated 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. 8. Volunteering projects are basic but impressive morale boosting exercises. Be sure to share your own difficulties and setbacks. Show your team you are their to serve them, and morale will go up. Mar 30, 2016 - Explore Beverly Brown-Cline's board "morale boosters for work" on Pinterest. Even the most stone-faced colleague may melt when handling a puppy. The term “employee morale” is often used interchangeably with “employee productivity”, but in fact, they are different things. Though some companies invest in arcade-style video games, pinball machines, or foosball tables, you can opt for cheaper choices like secondhand or tabletop video games, dart boards, and team building board games. Feel free to ask for a repeat if the initial results underwhelm. Have employees work together to create something unique and exciting: large portraits or murals work particularly well. © 2021 TeamBuilding, All Rights Reserved. As cases of COVID-19 increase, so do feelings of doubt and anxiety among workers. I always enjoyed creating a work jeopardy game for meetings and team building days. An impromptu dance party ackles both problems. Then, split your group into two teams, and compete to see which side reigns supreme. Employee morale affects motivation, performance, and workplace relationships, in addition to long-term outcomes like staff turnover and brand reputation. 6 Quick Ways to Boost Employee Morale That Actually Work The subject of employee morale is very topical at the moment – you won’t read an HR journal without an updated piece of high-quality research or an interview with a subject expert. Keeping employee morale high: A challenge during COVID-19. They are not a resource to consume. Hi! However, you shouldn’t rely solely on increasing salaries to improve employee morale. Plus, coworkers can cheer each other on and increase the desire to exercise. We run world class online team building events that remote teams love. Finding a way to streamline the way email and other internal communications are delivered and only sending messages which are relevant to that individual will give your employees more time to work on business-critical tasks. A low company morale also increases the chances that the employees will leave, which causes a high turnover rate. It provides face-to-face communication about the goals for the day. The Best Employee & Staff Morale Boosters (as voted on by our readers): Invest in a virtual corporate wellness benefit for your team; Expressing gratitude; Get weird; Kick out the Jams; Food truck lunches; Monday morning coffee; Provide healthy food options; Nerf battles; Post-it note wars; Share fails of the week; Can you tell which office suffers from low morale? Research carried out by the University of Warwick, backs up this claim. Putting free food in the breakroom frequently devolves into a mad dash. Here are some tips to help you create a work environment that can play a part in improving employee morale and attracting and retaining the top talent. Angela has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and worked as a community manager with Yelp to plan events for businesses. To ensure that everyone receives the proper praise, send a message towards the end of the day asking who still needs a compliment. Treat people like people. You can use Street Food Finder to locate food trucks in your city. 20 Creative Ways to Boost Employee Morale Don't lose your best employees. For best results, you should select activities that accommodate and appeal to a wide audience so that the maximum number of employees can benefit. 1. During meetings, you can announce achievements and invite participants to clap and cheer. Their study “Happiness and Productivity” found that employees who are happy tend to be 12% more productive. Employees are people. So if you have the option to help them get things done before they go home, you should take it. A food truck roundup is one of the most popular morale booster events. Check our our list of virtual happy hour ideas for more inspiration. But when your staff are working remotely, this is something you have to nurture. If you find that your staff is dragging themselves into work each day and generally look unhappy to be there, then you know that employee morale is at critical level. The best quick morale boosters for employees include a food truck roundup, compliment tag, and team building activities. Top 10 Personal Morale Boosters Stay Happy and Productive at Work. Quick morale boosters for employees are fast ways to raise employee morale and productivity. Whether your team needs some serious inspiration or you want to motivate them to keep up the good work, these ideas can help. But it stinks for employee morale. Announcements do not need to be as momentous as “LaToya won an award!” or “Janet got a promotion!” You can incite a round of applause for occasions as mundane as, “We all made it to Thursday!” For added fun, you can download a Clap-o-meter app on your phone and rate your audience’s applause. You can send a message to your virtual team, gather on video meeting software, and dance out any stress or boredom. Morale boosters can help the employees of a company to give their hundred percent in the work they do, thus benefiting the company in a big way. So while you may hear whispers at the watercooler, know that they will rally behind a visionary leader. A study carried out in India by TimesJobs shows that 86% of employees are willing to work harder if their bosses appreciate them and 90% said they would stay with the company longer. Not to mention, comfort food like tacos, pizza, and donuts are king on the food truck circuit. After working their socks off at work, nobody wants to spend their evening doing chores. One of the best ways to share praise is to launch a #you-are-awesome channel on Slack. Learning about different kinds of morale boosters can help you quickly improve the morale of your company workplace. Organizations all over the globe have implemented innovative ways to boost morale. Offering incentives is a great way to show your appreciation for their efforts. With mandated quarantine and remote working policies in place, many employees find that their everyday routines have been flipped upside down. We hope you found our article helpful and that you’ll consider implementing one of the suggested ways to increase employee morale – take it from us; it makes all the difference! Redecorating your pace can perk up the working area and break up humdrum atmospheres. While productivity is mainly driven by job satisfaction and purpose, salary also plays a part. Related: 7 Ways to Improve Team Morale By sending staff powerful and positive messages, you promote resilience, kindness, and growth. Make Birthdays a Paid Holiday. Providing services like laundry, childminding, pet minding, vending machines, a coffee machine etc. | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy. You can invite furry friends into your office to brighten your colleague’s days and provide much needed animal therapy. Exercise is a great mood booster, but finding the momentum to visit the gym is often a challenge. Work Jeopardy. And a damn good one... we hire brilliant people, provide extensive training, and develop one of a kind experiences. Morale boosters can help your teams unwind, re-energize, and refocus. If not, then your staff can grab a quick and delicious bite without losing momentum. The experts say give options and get creative when offering morale boosters. To get ideas on how to create your own Jeopardy game, I suggest you watch the game online or TV for a refresher on how it works, then use the process below to create a game at work. However, flexible working won’t work for every role and it’s important to be transparent about this when recruiting. Every workplace experiences times of low morale, and police departments are no exception. 10. Next, check out our article on team building tips, which can help sustain morale year-round. Virtual Team Trivia is a one hour, facilitated guide led online trivia tournament played on Zoom. If remote or in a quiet office, then you could launch a figurative round of applause instead. If business objectives mean that you can’t offer flexible working to your employees, it shouldn’t stop you implementing an inclement weather policy, which details employees working rights in the event of extreme weather events like floods or storms. 4. With a past career in HR and passion for writing, Anna Hayes has a keen interest in all things employee engagement and workplace satisfaction. It is a measure of value which each individual employee produces every hour and it is often calculated using units of output. Though dedicating a budget to morale boosters can afford you more options, spending excessively may not translate into a big boost in sentiment. Community service can also be an effective team bonding idea. Employees feel better when their supervisors are open and communicative. Incentive programmes like those offered by PerkBox are a cost-effective way to show appreciation and they allow you to tailor the programme to people’s interests. Since that’s the case, it’s certainly worth doing all that is within your power to boost workplace morale. Home » Blog » Resources » Morale Boosters. Staff needs occasional encouragement, and these quotes serve as a great reminder of inner strength and optimal behavior. Incentives can either be monetary or non-monetary. Then, ask your employees what they’d like to see implemented. Outside of work, she enjoys attending networking events, traveling, writing poetry and reading. Your HR department should be able to advise on industry average salaries and benchmark pay checks to what your competitors pay their staff. Where, employee morale is deemed to be “the overall outlook, attitude, satisfaction and confidence that employees feel at work.” Even though they are different they are invariably linked, as employees who have a high level of morale are more productive. Related: 5 Workplace Morale Boosters for 24-Hour Hospital Employees Consider offering a raffle prize, little gift bags, or even chair massage during the training . Morale boosting icebreakers like compliment tag are a great way to raise spirits among newly-formed teams and teams with long histories too. can be huge boosters for employee morale. Gather positive messages or appreciations about your teachers. When your employees are working really hard such as putting in extra hours to get a project finished, going above and beyond for a client or assisting a colleague who is struggling with a task – make the effort to publicly praise them for it. Playing fun team building games and engaging in interesting team building activities allows employees to socialize, unwind, and break away from the usual work routine. The post is crowded with employee morale booster ideas so it might be helpful for your work. For remote teams, a great way to quickly boost morale is by hosting a virtual happy hour. Safety needs – protection from elements, security, order, law, limits, stability, etc. Employee morale boosters are fast and simple ways to boost your staff’s mood and productivity. You can play this game in-office or remotely. No matter how down in the dumps your team is, these techniques are guaranteed to spark positive change. These exercises are fun, simple, and often low-cost, but deliver tremendous benefits in the form of improved relationships, increased satisfaction, and employee appreciation. Keep these workplace morale boosters handy so you can encourage your employees to do their best and take your team to the next level. Read on to understand the … Employees who feel their employer is sympathetic to their personal commitments are likely to be more focused and productive. While not the healthiest, these dishes are sure to satisfy and delight. Morale boosters can take the form of recognition, compensation, special perks, or simply terminating employees who are "resisters," capable of infecting others. Scientific studies, like this one covered in the Washington Post, have shown that philanthropy improves mental health and happiness. Laughter de-escalates stress and increases happiness. Teacher morale boosters list for administrators, principals, and educational leaders. You and your crew can volunteer in a variety of ways. She'd always arrive with a smile on her face, ready for the day and willing to help out. What are quick morale boosters for employees? By playing Virtual Team Trivia, your online teams can connect, relax, and recharge. The one rule that everyone must abide by is – no work talk is allowed!

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